Happy Halloween!

A bit from Gay Brigade: Ryan and Daniel to get in the Halloween mood 🎃

“BYE DADDY” Kenny shouted loudly so I looked at him as he grinned at me from his highchair then lifted his arms because he obviously wanted to be set free, so I set him to free and let him wander into the living room where cbeebies was already on the tv which would distract him enough for me to clean up breakfast.
“Papa!” He called after about five minutes so I went through seeing him sat, well laying on the couch watching the TV, “What hal-o-ween?” He asked frowning so I looked at the TV, all the presenters were dressed as witches and ghosts and all the episodes had a scary (but not) theme to them.
“Halloween?” I repeated and he nodded “Halloween is a day were kids get loads of sweets and dress up in costumes” I said mostly because he was three.
“Do I costume?” He asked
“Do you want one?” I asked and he nodded quickly so I thought then went through to the kitchen and through the bedding that’d been washed a few days ago. I then cut two holes in one of the white pillow cases and took it back through to Kenny making him stand on the couch so I could put it on him which made him giggle “Do you want arm holes as well?” I asked and he nodded so once he stood still he got arm holes cut in. He was definitely the cutest ghost I’d ever seen and after I’d taken the mandatory picture I asked him what he wanted to do which got a very dramatic shrug “Would you like to make a pumpkin?” I asked and he frowned at me “Come on” I said picking him up and taking him through to the kitchen were we had some little pumpkins on the counter “We have to leave one for daddy” I said and Kenny nodded “But we can decorate the other two” I said so he nodded again just more happily this time. I gave him a permanent marker to draw on the pumpkin with feeling it was probably best I didn’t give him a knife to carve it and I also found it about ten times easier to do with just a marker, Kenny went to town on his there wasn’t a face he’d just drew on it, I’d drawn a face, not a brilliant face but a face. We then placed them in the windows in the living room.

By the time Ryan was due home Kenny had worked out what ghosts do, or at least what children dressed in some sort of bedding do, so he began running around the living room and kitchen shouting Boo! Until I caught him and stood him by the door telling him to be quiet and watching as he scared the shit out of Ryan once he walked in
“F-f- Kenny” he said making me laugh, laugh quite a bit, to the point of tears. “Why is he wearing a pillow case?” Ryan asked once he’d re-caught his breath and my laughter had died down.
“Because Ryan he’s obviously a ghost” I said and he looked at me not very amused until he smiled making me smirk back “he wanted a costume, so I made shift one”



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