Reviews can be a writers Poison!

I keep forgetting not to check my reviews! I go through Goodreads and see 1 text review, think oooh that wasn’t there yesterday then I read it, sometimes it’s not a mistake and it makes me feel good, other times huge mistake!

I don’t know how to approach these, I know it isn’t necessarily personal (I’ve one that talked about me, rather than the book and that one was very upsetting!) but I know they aren’t necessarily personal, but the one I’ve just read talked about how bad my grammar is (I know, I know) but recently I’ve felt I’ve been getting better at it, much better than when I started at 14, but I am 19, I am dyslexic and I can’t afford an editor!

I know it won’t stop me writing, it’d have to be something massive that’d stop me writing and I won’t stop publishing, nothing will stop be doing that so far this year I’ve had over 200 sales and every month I’ve sold at least 9 books! Just because 2 in 200 review and review badly doesn’t mean the other 198 didn’t enjoy it!

Which is probably the way I should view it and need to stop myself reading my reviews!





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3 responses to “Reviews can be a writers Poison!

  1. I can relate to this. Except the readers that know me seem to try and break down my whole novel because of two or three errors. Don’t let the reviews get to you, if you’re getting 200 reviews, you’re doing well.

  2. I don’t know anything about getting reviews yet, but I would think they’re all great, even the bad ones. I do have to admit that it would be difficult to read, but I could probably learn something from then. idk, just my opinion.

    Hope you get some awesome views in the future

  3. Oh, yes, those things are a horrible distraction, but that’s part and parcel of being a published writer. Good thing is that it means people are buying and reading your books. Keep writing, keep publishing, and keep improving. :) You’re young, and you’ve got all those years ahead of you to pursue your dream. Good luck!

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