I write 4 different types of books!

So I seem to write four different types of books, it appears to have happened subconsciously but I’m happy with how it’s turned out;

Afternoon Books
, the types of books you can pick up and read in a hour or two, usually ranging between 50 – 150 pages, very short, light hearted and an easy read!

All-Day Books, books that may take a day too read, can range from between 150 – 200 pages, can be a bit more complex, still a easy read but maybe not as light hearted!

Novels, books that are from 200 – 500 pages may take a lengthy amount of time to read with a complex storyline and plot!

Series, a book that is part of a series (2 – 5 books, all are usually connected maybe obviously, maybe a bit more discreetly, usually involve cliff-hangers or a very complex book which needs to be spread out amongst the books!



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