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This Year I intend to Publish….

2 Young Adult Books, One of which is based in a bus stop and another which includes transatlantic twins.
5 New Adult Books – One of which the Main Character is Mute, one of which the main character is suffering with depression, one of which includes a priest’s son, one of which is based on a tour bus and one of which is based in the Shetland Island.
4 Adult Books, which includes a wedding, a surrogate, a polyamory relationship and the war.
The end of 1 series, Gay Brigade.
The start of 2 series, Trinity and Prince’s Tale.
and hopefully at least 2 more book from an Asexual Point of View.

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Be gone with negativity!

I am sick of logging onto my computer and being bombarded with negative comments, negative reviews!

Considering some of the reviews I’ve had in the pass if I wasn’t as, to be frank, strong as I am I would’ve given up writing years ago and never even thought about publishing another book again some of them have been so harsh and I must at this time point out I began publishing books when I was 17 years old, I wasn’t an adult! I don’t think some people realise how much a negative comment or review can upset someone!

My current pet peeves are people telling me I can’t do Grammar and Punctuation. I KNOW! do you think I’d make a point of being dyslexic in every book is I didn’t know that!

A second is people telling me to get a editor (be prepared for a unedited self published book.) I AM 19 DO YOU THINK I HAVE THE MONEY TO DO THAT!

*Rant Over*

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Coming in 2015 (September – December)

PART THREE! (You can find Part One HERE and Part Two HERE)

Young Adult
When a boy with an earring begins getting Elyot’s bus, Elyot can’t help but be ever so slightly intrigued by him. Elyot soon finds out that the boy with the earring is just what he needs.

Coming the 7th September

Geek-Moblie - Copy


On Tour
New Adult
G3-EK are doing a UK tour with Kings Road, G3-EK are the ultimate fandom band whereas Kings Road couldn’t be more different, so what’s the reason they’re touring together? Well it’s got to be something to do with the guitarist of G3-EK dating the lead singer of Kings Road, but that’s a secret.

Coming the 6th October

Deaths Apprentice

Death’s Apprentice
It’s time for Alfie to be introduced into the family business. Which is fine, learning a new skill maybe earning some money, he wishes. Alfie wishes his dad was engineer something mainstream but, of course he’s not. Now Alfie has to balance his school work and exams whilst learning how to become the Grim Reaper!

Coming the 30th October


New Adult
Imagine living your life without saying a word.
Lewis was born mute and for the eighteen years of his life he hasn’t uttered a word, Lewis is going into his third year in college and whilst he’s there he comes across a boy who doesn’t need Lewis to speak a word, to hear what he’s saying.

Coming the 12th November

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So I’ve read my reviews…

and I’ve taken on what’s been said, I haven’t taken it on with a huff and a pout, I have genuinely taken it on and have now Downloaded a Grammar/Punctuation/Sentence Structure programme!

I will use it on some of my more recently published books (Paperhouse, The Asexual Equation, Ely, Jesse and Robin’s Guide to Asexuality and Casey) then use it in all ongoing projects.

If I ever have time to I’ll go back over my older published books and give them ago but for now my main priority is everything now!

On wards!


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Coming in 2015 (May – August)

Part Two of my Coming in 2015 (You can see Part One HERE)

coverThe Wedding Plan
Almost famous Children’s author Oliver Arthur has been dating Erotic writer Harry Emmett for seven years now and finally it’s come the day of their wedding but with all their author deadlines and interviews they forgot to do one thing – plan the wedding. Now with 19 days to go they have to knuckle down, they give up writing for 19 days and truly focus on their wedding. But can they do it?

Coming the 9th May

Darren and LukeGay Brigade: Darren and Luke
Gay Brigade Series #4
Moving to America was never a easy decision for Darren but if it meant he got Luke he was always going to do it. Now it’s been seven years and these newlyweds are starting to consider new things. Luke and Darren start down the adoption route fighting for seven year old Dominic but Darren’s also starting to miss home and wants to spend more time in the UK. But will this sudden homesickness effect their chances of getting Dominic or even worse their relationship?

Coming the 29th May

Trinity Series #1
Jonathan’s going into his last year of University, next year he’ll finally be a fully qualified teacher the one thing he’s always wanted to be and he can’t wait until the end of the year. With his best friend being a bit of an ass and him just starting to find his feet everything seems to be piling on top of Jonathan until one night and a cosmopolitan, who’d have thought that was going to be the start of the best year of Jonathan’s life.

Coming the 20th July

All is EqualAll is Equal
New Adult
Nathaniel and Owen couldn’t be more different if they’d tried so the fact their relationship has lasted almost four years has amazed everyone, but now Nathaniel wants to find out if their differences will course problems so he invites Owen on their annual family holiday to the Shetland Islands but what starts as two weeks of having fun and enjoying being together soon becomes the biggest test on their relationship yet. 

Coming the 14th August

Picture 2Twenty-Two Steps
New Adult
There’s bad coming out’s then their Taylor’s coming out. The day he came out it threw his life into a downward spiral but now he’s ready to get back up again – or so he hopes. Enrolled into a Musical Theatre course (his secret desire) and going out and meeting new people again scares Taylor to some extent but whilst he’s re-facing the world he’s also helping his ten year old neighbour face Secondary School. Taylor begins to realise that the world may be a scary place but shying away isn’t going to get him anywhere and he’s also going to find that occasional person that he dislikes along the way.

Coming the 31st August



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paperhouse 2


The thing with paperhouses are that once they’re wet they tear and when it’s windy they fall down. The year is 1995, Take That are number one, double denim is huge and Beanie Babies are the latest fad but Michael’s world gets thrown into chaos when his date leads to the bedroom and even worst the maternity ward but that’s the least of his worries since a childhood friend has come back into his life, come back and come back with a bang, now nineteen year old Michael really has to make a decision Catherine or Pete?

The emotional story of nineteen year old Michael Taylor-Thomas who’s life is thrown into chaos after going out with a friend becomes a date with sex and an old friends becomes more than a friend.

It is a coming of age and coming out story that was handled very sweetly. I was very devastate near the end of the story though. I haven’t cried that hard in so long. It really tugged at my heart. –

The story is so sad and sweet. I highly recommend it. –

I was a mess by the end. Beautiful story, I will definitely be looking forward to reading more and I am already telling friends about the book. – Lisa Wilde


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Just a thought..

Whilst reading through my reviews I first discovered American reviewers are much kinder than British but that’s beside the point.

I also discovered that the US reviewers are reporting typos and I’m wondering if its because I use the UK spelling (Colour = Color, Theatre = Theater, Centre = Center etc. etc.)

Can anyone possibly shine a light?


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Series within a Series!

So this year will see the end of the Gay Brigade series with Gay Brigade: Ryan and Daniel and Gay Brigade: Darren and Luke coming out in April and May. But when I looked further into this series I discovered Gay Brigade isn’t the four book series I originally intended it too be!

seriesAnd the series doesn’t even begin with Gay Brigade as we originally thought, but with Paperhouse which is the story of Gay Brigade members Ryan Mitchell’s dad. This story introduces Catherine Mitchell, Pete Turner and even the Gay Brigade members (even though they are only a few weeks old).

Then of course next in the series is Gay Brigade, the start of the series as we know it, Callum, Ryan and Darren’s last year in school and start in the big wide world this however is running alongside Sex Education which is Noah’s last year in school, which sure you don’t think really connects, not yet anyway.

Progressing on we reach Superstar, which is Ryan’s time in the McKenzie Jackson Academy which is of course where he met his husband-to-be Daniel Bussel.

A year later we get to Bon Voyage, where other Gay Brigade member Darren Jones meets his own husband-to-be on a two week cruise!

Of course then we reach the series as we thought it continued with Gay Brigade: Callum and Noah, see that’s why Noah connects! It then progresses onto the two books due this year and finished with The Asexual Equation which is the story of Noah’s younger brother and features Noah and Callum quite heavily.


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Lost Scenes,

I made a mental checklist last night telling me what scenes I needed to write

Today I have forgotten every scene that was,



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Adding More on Later!

I’d say a plus about Self-Publishing is that you can go back and edit the document and just sort of republish it within a blink of a eye! A plus for say authors like me who after publishing a book (even as far as last February) has a burning idea and just has to write more on it!

So I am.

Hopefully before the release of my first 2015 book Prince’s Tale, I will be adding to two of my 2014 books!

The first is Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies although I love the story and feel that it’s told how I’d like it to be, I have decided to add a new chapter, a new chapter 2 where in it Billy and Max enter into a ballet competition!

The second is Ely, Jesse and Robin’s Guide to Asexuality, which when reading it recently I decided it just wasn’t finished yet, so alas it will be finished!


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