Coming in 2015 (January – April)

As it’s a new year of course there’s many new (Exciting) books to look forward to,

The first book out this year is already on pre-order,

Princes Tale 1Prince’s Tale I
Prince’s Tale #1
It’s Prince Matthews 18th Birthday and the beginning of his ‘Kings Lessons’. But whilst he’s learning how to be the next king of the Isle of Bastion, he kindles a relationship with a boy who he meets when wandering the grounds one day. Eddie gives Matt the benefit of the doubt and treats him like a normal person, taking him to arcades, beaches, the cinema and all kinds and they begin to form a relationship but because of Matt’s high status it has to stay a secret because Matt is scared of not being able to take his title because he’s gay.

Coming the 14th February!

Ryan and DanielGay Brigade: Ryan and Daniel
Gay Brigade #3
Being big musical theatre stars isn’t easy anyway but add a three year old son to the equation just makes things harder! Daniel and Ryan have been married and had their son McKenzie Callum for three years and are both adjusting to being parents and being performers but what’ll happen when Daniel goes on tour for the first time since Kenny was born and Ryan getting a part in his first musical for nine years.

Warning: Sexually Explicit

Coming the 29th April!




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