Adding More on Later!

I’d say a plus about Self-Publishing is that you can go back and edit the document and just sort of republish it within a blink of a eye! A plus for say authors like me who after publishing a book (even as far as last February) has a burning idea and just has to write more on it!

So I am.

Hopefully before the release of my first 2015 book Prince’s Tale, I will be adding to two of my 2014 books!

The first is Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies although I love the story and feel that it’s told how I’d like it to be, I have decided to add a new chapter, a new chapter 2 where in it Billy and Max enter into a ballet competition!

The second is Ely, Jesse and Robin’s Guide to Asexuality, which when reading it recently I decided it just wasn’t finished yet, so alas it will be finished!



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