Series within a Series!

So this year will see the end of the Gay Brigade series with Gay Brigade: Ryan and Daniel and Gay Brigade: Darren and Luke coming out in April and May. But when I looked further into this series I discovered Gay Brigade isn’t the four book series I originally intended it too be!

seriesAnd the series doesn’t even begin with Gay Brigade as we originally thought, but with Paperhouse which is the story of Gay Brigade members Ryan Mitchell’s dad. This story introduces Catherine Mitchell, Pete Turner and even the Gay Brigade members (even though they are only a few weeks old).

Then of course next in the series is Gay Brigade, the start of the series as we know it, Callum, Ryan and Darren’s last year in school and start in the big wide world this however is running alongside Sex Education which is Noah’s last year in school, which sure you don’t think really connects, not yet anyway.

Progressing on we reach Superstar, which is Ryan’s time in the McKenzie Jackson Academy which is of course where he met his husband-to-be Daniel Bussel.

A year later we get to Bon Voyage, where other Gay Brigade member Darren Jones meets his own husband-to-be on a two week cruise!

Of course then we reach the series as we thought it continued with Gay Brigade: Callum and Noah, see that’s why Noah connects! It then progresses onto the two books due this year and finished with The Asexual Equation which is the story of Noah’s younger brother and features Noah and Callum quite heavily.



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