paperhouse 2


The thing with paperhouses are that once they’re wet they tear and when it’s windy they fall down. The year is 1995, Take That are number one, double denim is huge and Beanie Babies are the latest fad but Michael’s world gets thrown into chaos when his date leads to the bedroom and even worst the maternity ward but that’s the least of his worries since a childhood friend has come back into his life, come back and come back with a bang, now nineteen year old Michael really has to make a decision Catherine or Pete?

The emotional story of nineteen year old Michael Taylor-Thomas who’s life is thrown into chaos after going out with a friend becomes a date with sex and an old friends becomes more than a friend.

It is a coming of age and coming out story that was handled very sweetly. I was very devastate near the end of the story though. I haven’t cried that hard in so long. It really tugged at my heart. –

The story is so sad and sweet. I highly recommend it. –

I was a mess by the end. Beautiful story, I will definitely be looking forward to reading more and I am already telling friends about the book. – Lisa Wilde



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