Be gone with negativity!

I am sick of logging onto my computer and being bombarded with negative comments, negative reviews!

Considering some of the reviews I’ve had in the pass if I wasn’t as, to be frank, strong as I am I would’ve given up writing years ago and never even thought about publishing another book again some of them have been so harsh and I must at this time point out I began publishing books when I was 17 years old, I wasn’t an adult! I don’t think some people realise how much a negative comment or review can upset someone!

My current pet peeves are people telling me I can’t do Grammar and Punctuation. I KNOW! do you think I’d make a point of being dyslexic in every book is I didn’t know that!

A second is people telling me to get a editor (be prepared for a unedited self published book.) I AM 19 DO YOU THINK I HAVE THE MONEY TO DO THAT!

*Rant Over*


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