Happy Pancake Tuesday!

An extract from Gay Brigade: Ryan and Daniel which will come out on the 29th April!

I heard the lock click and looked at Kenny who sat up slightly, he knew the lock meant that Daniel was home and after I’d told him he’d have to wait until Papa got home to make pancakes I saw him debating running to the door, that debate was going on whilst looking between the door of the living room and me, he just didn’t make his decision fast enough so decided to run at Daniel the moment he walked in.
“What have you told him?” Daniel asked making me smile as he came to me and kissed me.
“He was told in day-care that today is Pancake Day” I said and Daniel ahed, “I told him he’d have to wait for papa to make pancakes”
“Because” I said and he laughed
“What’s for tea?”
“Pancakes” I replied and he frowned “Savoury pancakes, pancakes and bacon” I said and he nodded slightly then looked at Kenny who was playing with his zip on his coat.
“Anything else?” He asked as we went into the kitchen
“Oh we can cut up a sausage and have a pancake sandwich” I said making him laugh as he stood Kenny on the seat and took his coat and bag off.
“I’m sure pancakes used to be sweet” Daniel said as he went into the fridge looking for the bacon and sausages
“Well you know be a bit adventurous once in a while” I replied making him smile as I got the flour out the cupboard then a mixing bowl and the sieve.
“DADDY” I heard behind me making me look at Kenny and laugh
“Do you want to help?” I asked and he nodded as Daniel came up behind him and put his apron on, then picked him up and carried him to me, sitting him on the counter top “Sit properly” I told him and watched him do so then gave him the sieve, making him hold it up and sprinkling the flour into it and smiling at him laughing at it as it went into the bowl I then helped him shake it then get the eggs and crack them deciding it was best I did it rather than Kenny.
“Do you want an egg in your pancake?” Daniel asked so I looked at him seeing he’d been cutting bacon and sausages and putting them into a pan
“No” I said in thought and watched him raise his eyebrow at me “I’ll go with no” I said making him laugh as I began stirring the mixture then let Kenny do it because the mixture wasn’t going to get thicker. “How are you planning on doing this?” I asked as he picked up the pan
“Cooking the contents before putting them in considering they’re raw meat” he said so I nodded as he took it to the stove and began cooking them as I turned back to Kenny who’d obviously gotten bored with stirring so I lifted him off the counter and took the mixture to the other side of the stove where the frying pan was whilst also keeping an eye on Kenny as he climbed onto the kitchen seat, he knew the rules that went with the oven.
“Are you going to flip it?” Daniel asked making me laugh as I used the spatula to turn the pancake over
“I’ll flip yours” I said making him smirk as I placed the first pancake on the plate and started the second, which I had to dance with Daniel to put on the plate since he had begun putting the contains in the first pancake, I then did the third and waited until it was done to flip it which had the biggest build up ever and considering it did a complete flip and landed back in the pan I got a cheer from Kenny which made me laugh whilst putting it on the last plate and putting the frying pan in the washing up bowl whilst Daniel folded the pancakes over then put them on the table.


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