Location, Location, Location!

Pie Chart

So I took a location check because I was curious of the percentages of places I use, I was fully aware that most of my books where set in Liverpool, I did think it was going to be higher than 61% however, London is my next most popular, as most of my theatre books, dancer books are based in London. I had a time were I tried setting stuff in America, but I soon realised that writing British books, based in England was what made me unique and what I should be doing. Books in the other category include; All is Equal, which is based in the Shetland Islands, Prince’s Tale (1-5) which is based in the fictional island of the Isle of Bastion and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies, which is based in Stafford. The 3 that are based in more than one places are Bon Voyage which is set on a cruise ship, On Tour which is on a travelling tour bus and Until Next Time which alternates between America and the UK.



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