Today was a tough one, 

I’m not going to lie.

I had a shambles of a driving lesson which I believe was because my dyspraxia decided to have a good go today, so I walked to my grandmas (it began raining as I got off the bus), we had a chat it was pleasant, but today was the first day I’ve ever felt so close to giving up what I do, I felt like declaring I was done on my RJ FACEBOOK and just packing up and going, just like that, some days are harder than others, and when people don’t understand things like dyspraxia and dyslexia it does make it difficult, I mean I don’t mean to but I can take things personally and things can upset me, especially about my writing which any author knows takes time and you become attached to it so having it torn apart can effect. I think some people also don’t quite grasp that although I may understand what you’re saying executing it is a different matter and somethings I don’t know how to do that, somethings I will find it difficult, sometimes I may forget it, which is the most likely of the three, I also understand that even when things are supposed to be helping, sometimes I can’t comprehend that  and I can’t see how it helps I just see it as essentially another bad review.

But as I said, today was a bad day, not everyday is like today, there’s some days I feel I can do it things! I can complete these jobs, but days like today make me question everything I’m doing and make me really doubt myself.



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