The Transition from Young Adult to New Adult!

It’s amazing. Complicated. Definitely a learning curve.

So I have recently made this transition, in my writing, in my life and so forth, it’s amazing, there is a years difference but the writing feels 110% different. I first noticed it in my first NA novel, Released, where 19 year old Jason is holding down a job, moving out his parents house and in with his boyfriend, which is miles away from my YA 14 year olds in Year 10 just trying to get through their GCSE’s.

I find the writing process also changes, for a start we have the prospect of sex, we have the prospect of alcohol, we have many new things to approach and play with. Which every time is new and fun to do so.

For example; in Twenty-Two Steps (Coming in August), we approach modern day poverty, drug use, sex, serious relationships and everything else under the sun, everything was a challenge to write and was an even bigger challenge to ensure everything was approached in a sensitive manner.

I enjoy new challenges and the transition that is undergoing is a big challenge which I am ready to conquer.




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2 responses to “The Transition from Young Adult to New Adult!

  1. I confess, I’ve gotten a little bored with YA, both reading it and writing it. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find it surprisingly liberating! (Plus, I think YA themes are generally pretty tapped out. Much less true for NA!)

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