So I think this counts as positive!

I’ve just read a bad review, which I will share with you;


Whilst doing my sweep to see if there was any new reviews (there was not), I decided to reread this one, usually it’d fill me with sadness but then I reread it and I figured this isn’t a bad review, well not a bad review about my writing or anything but it’s a bad review because the reader has a preference (don’t we all), the reader prefers more dialogue, so they did not simply enjoy my story because there is more description in there.

I think I shall call this progress as I’m now seeing it as it really is. Sure it sucks that the only review I have on this book is 1 star and so my sales have decreased significantly but hey now I don’t feel very, very, very upset and discouraged when I read this review!


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One response to “So I think this counts as positive!

  1. Well done to you for seeing the review in a different light. As a customer seeing a one-star review left on a book that has yet to get off the mark with reviews would make me judge the reviewer, not the author x

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