Why I find it hard to write what I am!


So I was thinking and I discovered that I find it difficult to write Asexual books even though I am asexual myself. Why? It’s simple.

I write romance.

I am FULLY aware that Asexual people can feel romantic feelings for other people and I have shown that in Ely, Jesse and Robin’s Guide to Asexuality, in this book there is a homosexual relationship (with sex included), a heterosexual relationship (with a limit of kissing) and an aromantic asexual who has a better relationship with his laptop! So, I know how to write a romantic asexual, but I still manage to find it somewhat difficult to do. My first attempt of a non-romantic asexual book was The Asexual Equation where Jake the anxious asexual doesn’t have one romantic thought enter his head, sure there is romance around him but he, himself never wants to experience it – although does willingly undertake his best friends biology experiments to help determent asexuality.

Recently, I’ve been writing a lot of asexual minor characters, who are a constant presence in the book but are not the main focus. However I am writing another asexual MC to come out at some point in 2016, he is a non-romantic asexual but is trying to adopt as he wants a family! It’s my first attempt at an adult asexual which has been very interesting to try and even more personal as I myself am starting to head that way.



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