What is with the Gay Brigade?


To some people they may take it reading the Gay Brigade and feel that maybe that there is a lack of story-line that random scenes just keep happening. And that is the point.

The Gay Brigade takes a year of their lives and recounts day to day activities, sure in all three of the later books something massive happens, dare I say a plot twist but these are regular guys, (Boys? Men?) with regular lives and that’s what I like about the series, it’s what I enjoyed, I could sit and write them just talking whilst getting into bed, there didn’t have to be a huge fight, there didn’t have to be a heated exchange of words, all it needed was the two boyfriends/husbands, talking and getting into bed. Because that’s what real people do and I wanted to make these 6 guys (and 2 kids) as real as it was possible.

Sure there’s a break-in, a nude picture leak and a car accident but they still live normal lives (with the exception of minor celebrities Dyan!)

I love the Gay Brigade it holds a place in my heart and always will! I hope you do to.


Gay Brigade Facebook Page

Gay Brigade Amazon.com Page and Amazon.co.uk Page.


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