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Midnight Crisis 

Just casually having a midnight crisis and reviewing technically where I’m going here. 

As I am in that awkward point of life where I’m leaving all forms of education (I didn’t go to Univeristy shock horror) and am looking into the world,of employment I seem to have hit an ice berg. It would appear I am too old to get support within education but too young to be considered experienced enough to be hired in my field, (YAY!). So I’m beginning to look at my options, which are;

  • Have a nose at Open University, see if anything inparticular jumps out at me, 
  • Take a Gap Year (RISKY and probably will not be accepted happily by the parentals.)
  • Become a Butlins Redcoat. Probably easier said than done. 
  • Apply for a mainstream job which I hate and spend time doing something I don’t really want to go but doing it because there’s some sort of payment involved. 
  • Take a few trips, writing trips, other kind of trips, explore new places. 
  • Beg my placement for a job.


(I shouldn’t be allowed to blog at night) 


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Sometimes my Pinterest just turns itself off, 

I think that it is it’s why of telling me to stop scrolling and actually do  something!

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Just sharing a Pet Peeve!


Unnecessary Break-Ups. We see so many of them, a petty argument leaves to this horrendous break up which lasts about 20 minutes (a chapter and a half?) then amazingly they’re back together even though it probably wasn’t a wise decision and usually happens through a big plot twist!

When writing I ensure any romantic relationships have an actual purpose, there is no unnecessary breakups, if there is a fight (argument) more often than not it is perfectly justified and they work through it, never once have I wrote them shouting at each other followed by I think we need to break up. I’ve begun predicting films I watch, I see the beginning of what could be nothing more than a small disagreement and just know we’re going to have a dramatic breakup which will be followed by a montage with a sad song behind it.

There, I believe is only one of my books that involve a quick breakup which is soon resolved, that is Romeo and Julian but come on, it’s based on Romeo and Juliet there had to be an end of their world disaster and for the 19 and 18 year old’s breaking up is the end of their world.

I try to steer clear of any unnecessary fights or breakups, I want to write real relationships and don’t want to follow the run of the mill relationship cycle (Meet, get together, sleep together (or if it’s a Disney Film, sing together), have a disagreement, breakup, sob, have this big unnecessary makeover, see each other, fall back in love with each other, kiss, end credits.)

Hopefully I have succeeded in my aim and have ensured any plot twists or big dramatic scenes happen to the characters, not to their relationships.


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Just a shared thought,


This just came up on my Facebook timeline and I found it humorous. Funnily enough whilst enjoying the Harry Potter books and films the character I had the most interest in (beside The Marauders) was in fact Charlie Weasley. There was just something about him. Sure I know that we hardly saw anything of him, but he was always an interest of mine and this post makes so much sense, I hope at some point JK might confirm this, as it’d show that obviously my subconscious was trying to tell me something.

But yes, I just had to share this thought.


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I’m sick of seeing Sex…

This has been a thought of mine for quite a while and it’s frustrating. Sure I’m seeing it from a very asexual point of view, but why shouldn’t I, people who enjoy sex don’t look it from an asexual point of view so why should I view it from a sexual point of view.

I understand the concept of Sex Sells, I get that in some sort of way but I’m sick and tired of being surrounded by sex, by crude jokes, by half-naked pictures! I think I see it mostly because I am a writer in the M/M LGBT genre, following the groups on Facebook, I see at least 15 mild pornographic pictures a day and the majority of them are in fact book covers. I’m tired of the stigma that writing M/M LGBT means writing erotica.

I don’t write erotica – sure I’ve wrote it once (surprisingly one of my better selling books), and I do write sex scenes but that is completely different. if a sex scene is wrote as a necessary part of the story progress and is wrote as an act of love it does not count in erotica, all my books are YA or NA and sure I’ve started venturing into Adult but they are not filled to the brim with sex, I will NEVER write a sex scene as a filler and will never just have them look at each other across a room and suddenly end up in bed together.

Equally I will never use a picture of a half naked man on my front cover, I have never even used a picture of two men (boys) kissing on a front cover of mine because I don’t want the audience to think all this story is about is sex, I want the reader to be aware of the other themes in a book or the other little side plots that are in there as well.

I have to state that I am not shunning anyone for writing erotica go for it, I don’t care, have fun with it. I just am stating that I am tired of seeing it everywhere. I am very, very close to leaving the M/M groups on my Facebook because I’m just getting bored of the constant images – but we will see.


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A romance fuelled by a break-up.

When Jayson’s brother breaks up with Scott’s sister neither would never have imagined that they might end up falling for each other. Fuelled through online messaging late at night Jayson and Scott begin to see something in each other that they never could have imagined.


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So little inspiration I don’t want to open my laptop! 

It always happens, up to a week after I’ve finished a book my brain declares rest and doesn’t give me my material to write – sure it’s great, some off time but it is also the most aggravating thing, it’s been over a week since I published Gay Brigade: Darren and Luke and still no sparks of anything have became available to me…

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