I’m sick of seeing Sex…

This has been a thought of mine for quite a while and it’s frustrating. Sure I’m seeing it from a very asexual point of view, but why shouldn’t I, people who enjoy sex don’t look it from an asexual point of view so why should I view it from a sexual point of view.

I understand the concept of Sex Sells, I get that in some sort of way but I’m sick and tired of being surrounded by sex, by crude jokes, by half-naked pictures! I think I see it mostly because I am a writer in the M/M LGBT genre, following the groups on Facebook, I see at least 15 mild pornographic pictures a day and the majority of them are in fact book covers. I’m tired of the stigma that writing M/M LGBT means writing erotica.

I don’t write erotica – sure I’ve wrote it once (surprisingly one of my better selling books), and I do write sex scenes but that is completely different. if a sex scene is wrote as a necessary part of the story progress and is wrote as an act of love it does not count in erotica, all my books are YA or NA and sure I’ve started venturing into Adult but they are not filled to the brim with sex, I will NEVER write a sex scene as a filler and will never just have them look at each other across a room and suddenly end up in bed together.

Equally I will never use a picture of a half naked man on my front cover, I have never even used a picture of two men (boys) kissing on a front cover of mine because I don’t want the audience to think all this story is about is sex, I want the reader to be aware of the other themes in a book or the other little side plots that are in there as well.

I have to state that I am not shunning anyone for writing erotica go for it, I don’t care, have fun with it. I just am stating that I am tired of seeing it everywhere. I am very, very close to leaving the M/M groups on my Facebook because I’m just getting bored of the constant images – but we will see.



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