Just sharing a Pet Peeve!


Unnecessary Break-Ups. We see so many of them, a petty argument leaves to this horrendous break up which lasts about 20 minutes (a chapter and a half?) then amazingly they’re back together even though it probably wasn’t a wise decision and usually happens through a big plot twist!

When writing I ensure any romantic relationships have an actual purpose, there is no unnecessary breakups, if there is a fight (argument) more often than not it is perfectly justified and they work through it, never once have I wrote them shouting at each other followed by I think we need to break up. I’ve begun predicting films I watch, I see the beginning of what could be nothing more than a small disagreement and just know we’re going to have a dramatic breakup which will be followed by a montage with a sad song behind it.

There, I believe is only one of my books that involve a quick breakup which is soon resolved, that is Romeo and Julian but come on, it’s based on Romeo and Juliet there had to be an end of their world disaster and for the 19 and 18 year old’s breaking up is the end of their world.

I try to steer clear of any unnecessary fights or breakups, I want to write real relationships and don’t want to follow the run of the mill relationship cycle (Meet, get together, sleep together (or if it’s a Disney Film, sing together), have a disagreement, breakup, sob, have this big unnecessary makeover, see each other, fall back in love with each other, kiss, end credits.)

Hopefully I have succeeded in my aim and have ensured any plot twists or big dramatic scenes happen to the characters, not to their relationships.



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