Happy 3rd Birthday Superstar!

New Cover

Now this is a very special book of mine. It by no means was the first book I ever wrote. Although it was the first ever book of mine that graced Amazon.

But it would seem this book has a very big place in my heart. This book itself has spawned so many more, most of my bibliography is based around this very book.


So, what was the origin of this book? Well, on this night three years ago I went to a concert, Radio City Live, to be precise. whilst talking with my accomplice who manages to always persuade to me produce a new book out of thin air, managed to work her magic again, and when I got back we began to plan. At the time there was a Musical TV show on, it was the search for the new Lead in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar, and what was the show called? Superstar, of course.

And so the concept of a Musical TV competition and a title was conceived. The next step was the contestants. We spent at least 6 hours, naming and putting ages to the 14 contestants. Then the writing process began.

It was a long time in being complete and to my opinion, continues to be one of my best works.

Three years on and 223 sales of Superstar later. I look forward to the future of Superstar.



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