2015-08-01 16.31.23Well I walked in the Pride March today and it was great! I even made someone’s day by going up to them and telling them that I am asexual too and I noticed their flag! Although we were almost swimming in the parade it was still a great day had by all and inspiration and empowerment from today is just buzzing!

So I thought I’d share a paragraph from Gay Brigade: Darren and Luke about Pride as I was in the Pride-y mood :D

“So what is Pride?” Dom asked as we walked down the sidewalk until we could stand in a place that’d give us a good view of the parade,
“You know that dad and I are gay?” Luke said so Dom nodded to him as we stationed ourselves, “Some people didn’t really like that a few years ago.” He added and got a rather concentrated frown,
“Really?” he said so Luke nodded,
“So people began to walk in Pride parades to show that they were gay and proud of it.” he said so Dom smiled and nodded,
“Do people like it now?” he asked so I looked at Luke as he looked up at me,
“Most people do.” He said, “So we still have our parades with our brightly coloured flags.” He said so Dom grinned,
“Good idea.” He said nodding then took the offered rainbow flag from me very happily and began waving it excitedly as Kenny did from Ryan’s shoulders.



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