A little light inspiration.


As mentioned in an earlier post, I spent a week in the South of England. There were some very visually appealing little towns. Then we began our way back up North.

Stopping around the outside of London. We stayed in a Manor for the night, a very beautiful manor. When walking into it, it felt like entering a different world. Being transported back in time. It was amazing.

The moment I got to my room for the night the little bells were going in my head. The little bells that ring the word INSPIRATION INSPIRATION INSPIRATION. My brain began running at 100 miles per hour.

But what on earth could I do? I’m currently on a no, new character ban. So I figured, surely if I use a previous character, in a previous book, that would work around it, apparently not.  That’s not allowed either. So I’m stuck, with this really, really beautiful place and no one to play with in it.

Well for for now anyway.


Pictures taken at Laura Ashley Manor.  


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