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Basorexia is available now! 

Well, it’s here, Basorexia: The Overwhelming Desire to Kiss is available to buy now! 

Buy here;


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One of my four authors in Basorexia! We’re all very excited about its release!

So, my first EVER piece of public work will be officially published tomorrow.

That is; exciting, scary, awkward, nauseating and more scary all rolled into one.

My debut will be available to buy from tomorrow, and what is my debut?

Yes! Basorexia: The overwhelming desire to kiss! I contributed to this story with my own 100-page asexual love story, the story of Caleb and Isaac.

I amexcited about this release, but of course I am anxious also, we have had a few of our early reviews in and all have been good, but so far no-one has ‘related‘ to Caleb, alas, no-one who has read it had been asexual, but still.

So, as of tomorrow you can buy Basorexia on BOTH paperback and kindle.

You can buy it here;

And here;

And probably if you type Basorexia into the search bar!
Finlay X

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My new book.

will come out on the 6th October, it’s about 5 Geeks, who are in a band, and are on tour! 

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An Update! 


So, basically, the last few weeks my  laptop has decided it doesn’t want to work properly anymore, and will not let me get onto my blog, not even to view it. 
So, whilst I can blog, I shall line up some posts so I don’t just disappear from WordPress! 


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Well, Summer is nearly over. 

Well, actually we could actually say we’re well into September, and autumn but, I believe today might be the last ‘sit outside in a t-shirt‘ day for a while. 

But, summer is alas nearly over, I have turned 20, which officially means that we’ve passed the middle of the summer, and everyone’s back at school and work. 

It was an enjoyable summer, but, I also spent a lot of time thinking this summer. I got myself an editor, which is a big yaay! and I finally released Basorexia, the book that has been in waiting for two years. 

I have, however now made my decision, when On Tour is released on the 6th October, that will be the last RJ book in 2015. It will also, probably be the last book until at least 2017. I am taking a break, I will be gone. Sure, I will still blog, I’ll still be on social media, I’ll keep everyone updated, but there will be no publications until 2017, which sounds a lifetime away, but really as we’re already in September 2015, we’ll be there before we know it. 

All my previous books will go through an edit, and a rebrand. 

More will be revealed in due course. 


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I was having a chat with a friend.


And it was about Caitlyn Jenner, like most of the population, it was about her recent comment to the lovely Ellen.

Of course, I have to state, I do not agree with her statement, and I think it’s terrible, but what interested me was my friends reaction which was ‘But she’s part of LGBT, she has to accept it’ and I thought, God I wish that was true.

I understand why she thought that, like, I do get it, but sometimes I feel it couldn’t be further than the truth if we tried.

Being asexual, I have witnessed this, other members of the LGBTQA+ community not accepting my sexuality as valid which really sucks, because I accept theirs, but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. It intrigues, and I think saddens me at the same time, because how can someone who’s gone through being different and coming out, shun someone else for being different and coming out. It’s as hard for both people, whether they are gay, bisexual, trans*, asexual, pansexual, or whatever they may be.

We don’t need to be hating on each other, we need to be supporting, but I also think we’re a long way, away from that.


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Basorexia: The Overwhelming Desire to Kiss

You can pre-order Basorexia Now!


Find four of the fabulous authors on Facebook and Twitter!

 @rj_seeley @finlayharper @K_tealinauthor @jd_barkley

R.J. Seeley  K.Tealin  J.D. Barkley


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