Well, Summer is nearly over. 

Well, actually we could actually say we’re well into September, and autumn but, I believe today might be the last ‘sit outside in a t-shirt‘ day for a while. 

But, summer is alas nearly over, I have turned 20, which officially means that we’ve passed the middle of the summer, and everyone’s back at school and work. 

It was an enjoyable summer, but, I also spent a lot of time thinking this summer. I got myself an editor, which is a big yaay! and I finally released Basorexia, the book that has been in waiting for two years. 

I have, however now made my decision, when On Tour is released on the 6th October, that will be the last RJ book in 2015. It will also, probably be the last book until at least 2017. I am taking a break, I will be gone. Sure, I will still blog, I’ll still be on social media, I’ll keep everyone updated, but there will be no publications until 2017, which sounds a lifetime away, but really as we’re already in September 2015, we’ll be there before we know it. 

All my previous books will go through an edit, and a rebrand. 

More will be revealed in due course. 



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