One of my four authors in Basorexia! We’re all very excited about its release!

So, my first EVER piece of public work will be officially published tomorrow.

That is; exciting, scary, awkward, nauseating and more scary all rolled into one.

My debut will be available to buy from tomorrow, and what is my debut?

Yes! Basorexia: The overwhelming desire to kiss! I contributed to this story with my own 100-page asexual love story, the story of Caleb and Isaac.

I amexcited about this release, but of course I am anxious also, we have had a few of our early reviews in and all have been good, but so far no-one has ‘related‘ to Caleb, alas, no-one who has read it had been asexual, but still.

So, as of tomorrow you can buy Basorexia on BOTH paperback and kindle.

You can buy it here;

And here;

And probably if you type Basorexia into the search bar!
Finlay X

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