Officially into my break

So, I am officially on my break, it has been over a month, and well it has been very refreshing.

Now, I still plan to be on a break until October 2017, but as I said in the original post, I will continue to keep my social medias active, this will include blogging, facebooking and tweeting like before!

So, here I am blogging like before.

In in the upcoming year (2016), I’m excited to announce there will be a lot of R.J re-releases, a lot of my books will be re-released and there may even be a few additional scenes!

I will also be release some books with new covers, some of the older books have been given a makeover and a new cover will be coming their way.

A few books may also disappear along the way, but don’t worry, you will be warned before with a GRAB IT BEFORE IT GOES sale!

I am am quite excited about the prospecting year, I’m looking forward to revisiting old works and making them better.

I may also share a few collaboration projects that are happening throughout the year also.




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