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Colour in Writing 

So, this is something I’ve been musing over for a while, and now, I put it to you. 

As an author, I tend to not describe my characters too much. I sometimes add hair colour, eye colour, whether they wear glasses, have braces etc. But, the idea of writing someone’s colour has never occurred to me. 

I simply never describe the skin tone of a character unless completely necessary for example; 

he was a stark constant to Skylar, especially with his ivory skin tone against Skylar’s more olive skin tone – Ashton (2017)

Other than statements like the one above, I tend to avoid the idea of writing colour. I like to leave that up to the person reading the story, if they want to see one of my characters as a tall, thin, white boy feel free, if they want to see them as a short, rounded Asian boy, do so, I want people to read my characters how they want to, not how I dictate it. 

Of course, I’m aware of diverse writing, but I often wonder if pushing it so much makes the story less enjoyable, less relatable.

But, now, it comes to you, which do you prefer, 

Readers: Reading and knowing the colour or ethnically of a character? Or not?

Authors: Writing your exact image, your picture in your head? Or not?

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Masculine VS. Feminine, Stereotypes.



So, I am currently exploring this, whilst writing one of my re-releases/new releases. The Baker Twins, will be released around Summer of 2017, and in it, there are three stories about the Baker Twins. At first look, this is simple, the masculine vs. feminine bit, at least.

So, a bio breakdown, and we have to start with the oldest, even if it’s only by fifteen minutes. Jason Baker, a tall, black haired, brown eyed, drag queen, openly gay with boyfriend, Jacob, in tow, studying Musical Theatre, and just utterly fabulous.

Then, fifteen minutes younger, Mason Baker, a tall, black haired, brown eyed, dancer, straight, he thinks, with girlfriend, Emily, in tow, studying dance, and has that sort of oblivious boyish charm.

You can sort of guess which would be the masculine, and which the feminine, but, I decided, as I started writing Mason’s point-of-view, that I would switch it up a bit. In Released, which is Jason’s point-of-view, Jason shows very boyish characteristics, he doesn’t really believe in romance, and doesn’t show that much affection for the people around him – quite frankly, the boy is very self-centred, not family orienteered, or empathetic at all, the most feminine part about him, has to be his want to dress up as Jasmine on a weekly basis. Whereas, when looking into Mason, you can see the striking difference, the need for romance, the affection for his mother, father, nephew, girlfriend, his love for his family, and his dependence on his twin brother.

So, I thought, why not make the straight twin, the feminine one, or at least, give him some traits that are viewed as feminine, whilst his gay twin brother, took on the more masculine traits.

I’m very interested, and excited to see if this works, and especially about Mason’s story in-particularly.


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2016’s Valentines Day Sale 

I decided to go for unconventional love stories his year. 

We, first have Released, with the long-overdue relationship of Jason and Jacob. A common story of a 19 year old wanting to start his own life, move out his parents house and persuade his career as a Drag Queen. 

Followed by Casey, the new boy at school instantly catches Mickey’s eye, and a relationship quickly develops, but, so does Casey’s secret. 

Then, The Wedding Plan, Harry and Oliver are authors, who plan everything, except for one of the most important day of their life, their wedding day. 

And finally, Stanley Street the story of Kevin, the 24 year old virgin, who finds the love of his life, in teacher Tom. 
Teaching Techniques will be FREE from the 14th Feb to the 18th!


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More Announcements; Treble Clef

colour in


So, I’ve been on a bit of seesaw with this book, but I’ve finally decided I’d give it one more go.

I’ve redesigned my cover, and will have the book edited at some point during 2016, then it will be re-published for the last time.


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Pancake Day

A bit of Prince Matthew and boyfriend Eddie, to celebrate Pancake Day.

“You’ve never made pancakes.” Eddie said, so I shrugged.
“I’ve had them, but like not made.” I said, frowning slightly then looking at Eddie as he shook his head amused, and held the collar of my coat as if saying take it off, then he put a finger up to me so I nodded.
“MUM?” he queried, getting no reply so he looked at me. “Want to make pancakes?”
“Yes.” I replied, making him laugh and take my coat, hanging it on the end of the banister then taking my hand and leading me through to the kitchen.
“From scratch?” he queried, so I frowned. “Either, we both get covered in flour or not.” he replied, making me grin then look down myself, mostly evaluating if I could get covered in flour. “It comes off very easily.” he added, so I nodded.
“From scratch.” I said, and he laughed.
“Why did I know you’d say that?” he said, then went into one of his cupboards getting a bowl out and a sieve, then went into the fridge getting eggs and some butter,
“So what do I do?” I asked, and he gave me the sieve.
“Hold that.” he said, making me pout then laugh as he began putting flour through it which was just coming back as a huge dust cloud, once he’d deemed there to be enough flour he looked at me then began laughing. “You suit white.” he said, making me frown and look down I was literally covered in flour so I began laughing.
“Richard would have a fit.” I said, and saw a childish grin from Eddie.
“Should we make him angrier?” he asked, making me frown.
“How?” I asked, then felt as flour filled my hair making me squeal at him, and get a handful and throw it at him making him laugh, a really happy laugh and do the same back to me and this continued until he grabbed me around the waist pulling me into him and kissing me making me grin and kiss him back whilst also putting my handful of flour down the back of his top.
“You little shit.” he said against my lips, making me smile. “I’m afraid to put the eggs in.” he said making me smile.
“How many?” I asked, and he put two fingers up so I nodded and got two, giving him one and us both civilly cracking the eggs on the side of the bowl, and putting them in and the same with the milk and water, we even stirred it civilly we just couldn’t handle flour, they were nice, they were very nice not like the ones we had in the palace they were crispy and still had some of the oil on them.
“Are you fulfilled?” he asked, so I nodded as I took my last spoonful.
“They were very, very nice.” I said grinning at him, as he smiled back at me.
“I think we’re going to need a shower.” he said so I nodded.

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Book Annoucement 8, 9 and 10; New for 2017

Three announcements in one, I’m spoiling you now.

I know 2017 seems such a long way away, but I’ve got to start planning now of course. My hiatus is due to end around November ’16 time, and leading up to that time, I’m producing a few books for release in early 2017.


The first will be Ashton: a G3-EKquel, the sequel to On Tour. Fast-forward  15 years, Ollie and Tyler are happily married, and G3-EK are talking about doing a comeback tour, things are going well for them, things however, are not going well for their 13 year old son Ashton, the burden of being the child of one of the biggest band members in the world is starting to get to Ashton and he wants to get out, so he does, in the form of a Boarding School. It’s a completely new start for Ashton, but how long can he last, before his new classmates find out who he actually is?

His Fairy-Tale; Eli has been locked away in his tower for as long as he can remember, and of course, not being a princess hasn’t helped him in the rescuing department. Until one day, when Prince Aleksander stumbles upon his tower, but, rescuing Eli causes a whole range of problems, and it soon becomes clear, he was not the traditional trapped Princess in a tower.

That Awkward Age: What do you do when the world wants you to act like an adult but treats you like a child? Get high, have sex and drink! Being 17 is awkward for anyone, and Tyler and Keenan know this far too well. Whilst trying to decide what to do with their life, they’re also trying to master the world of sex and alcohol.

Keep an eye out for the announcement of their releases dates!







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Book Announcement 7: Baker’s Double.


Baker's Double 2


Book Announcement 7!!

My Second Merge!

This time, it’s the story of the Baker Twins Mason and Jason.

As the first of the two books, Trapped is a very short story to Released, I thought it might be better to have the two stories in one, the first of Mason and Jason’s last day in school, then Jason’s story of moving out, and moving on.

But, wait there is more. I will also be adding another story to this selection of books, the counter-part to Jason’s Released. I will be writing the story from Mason’s point of view. It will be the same timescale as Jason’s story, just from the PoV of his very straight brother. I’m equally excited and anxious for this story, but am very happy for the release.

The cover for ‘The Bake Twins’ was designed by Open the Book Design.

Don’t fear both Trapped and Released will still be available separately.


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Book Announcement 6: Pas De Deux

pas de deux

Announcement Number 6!!

My first ‘merge’ announcement.

I decided to write a sequel for Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies quite recently, an idea just came to me and the story of a 22 year old Max, and I couldn’t stop writing it. Then, the idea came to me, to merge the two books.

The words Pas De Deux means dance of two, which I thought fitted quite well with my idea, of putting the two books together.

So, when the story of 22-year old Max comes out, before it will be the story of 16-year old Max and his boyfriend Billy, in their last year at their dance school, then the story of Max and Cameron will be right behind it.

Don’t fear, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies will still be available to buy as it’s own book.


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Book Announcement 5: The Gay Brigade


Book Announcement 5!!

Now, for my biggest series, The Gay Brigade. All covers (Callum and Noah, Ryan and Daniel and Darren and Luke) will be having an update/clean-up and will look sharper and have more of a finish to them, whilst also having the inside of the books edited to.

But, the orginial, Gay Brigade: 1 will be having a complete rebrand. The cover will be changed (As shown above), and also the story. The orginial Gay Brigade will not be available for sale very soon, and the NEW Gay Brigade, NEW story, NEW idea, NEW cover, will take it’s place.

Look out for the Gay Brigade updates!




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