Book Announcement 7: Baker’s Double.


Baker's Double 2


Book Announcement 7!!

My Second Merge!

This time, it’s the story of the Baker Twins Mason and Jason.

As the first of the two books, Trapped is a very short story to Released, I thought it might be better to have the two stories in one, the first of Mason and Jason’s last day in school, then Jason’s story of moving out, and moving on.

But, wait there is more. I will also be adding another story to this selection of books, the counter-part to Jason’s Released. I will be writing the story from Mason’s point of view. It will be the same timescale as Jason’s story, just from the PoV of his very straight brother. I’m equally excited and anxious for this story, but am very happy for the release.

The cover for ‘The Bake Twins’ was designed by Open the Book Design.

Don’t fear both Trapped and Released will still be available separately.



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