Masculine VS. Feminine, Stereotypes.



So, I am currently exploring this, whilst writing one of my re-releases/new releases. The Baker Twins, will be released around Summer of 2017, and in it, there are three stories about the Baker Twins. At first look, this is simple, the masculine vs. feminine bit, at least.

So, a bio breakdown, and we have to start with the oldest, even if it’s only by fifteen minutes. Jason Baker, a tall, black haired, brown eyed, drag queen, openly gay with boyfriend, Jacob, in tow, studying Musical Theatre, and just utterly fabulous.

Then, fifteen minutes younger, Mason Baker, a tall, black haired, brown eyed, dancer, straight, he thinks, with girlfriend, Emily, in tow, studying dance, and has that sort of oblivious boyish charm.

You can sort of guess which would be the masculine, and which the feminine, but, I decided, as I started writing Mason’s point-of-view, that I would switch it up a bit. In Released, which is Jason’s point-of-view, Jason shows very boyish characteristics, he doesn’t really believe in romance, and doesn’t show that much affection for the people around him – quite frankly, the boy is very self-centred, not family orienteered, or empathetic at all, the most feminine part about him, has to be his want to dress up as Jasmine on a weekly basis. Whereas, when looking into Mason, you can see the striking difference, the need for romance, the affection for his mother, father, nephew, girlfriend, his love for his family, and his dependence on his twin brother.

So, I thought, why not make the straight twin, the feminine one, or at least, give him some traits that are viewed as feminine, whilst his gay twin brother, took on the more masculine traits.

I’m very interested, and excited to see if this works, and especially about Mason’s story in-particularly.



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