All is Equal [Reviews]


All is Equal

5-stars for R J Seeley’s All is Equal

I have read many of R J Seeley’s stories. I enjoy their creativity and their ability to put interesting characters into unique situations. They crafts characters that are believable and enjoyable. Many are the type of individuals you would be happy to meet and feel comfortable with as friends.

As with many Indy writers, R J Seeley’s books could be better edited. Grammar and spelling police will delight in finding errors. For those of us who appreciate a good storyline, looking past the spelling and grammar issues will find a rewarding reading experience.

This story, like many of R.J Seeley’s books combines romance with characters that are like everyday people. The storyline is plausible and draws the reader into the center of it. I highly recommend readers take a serious look at this budding author who has overcome their own obstacles to pursue a dream. I admire their dedication to accomplishing their goal. –

4stars for R.J. Seeley
It was a very good book. Thaniel reminded me of myself. The plot twist was indeed twisty. Very well done. –

5 stars for R.J. Seeley
This is a very good offer from this young author. It has just enough twist to keep the reader interested. Keep up the good work! –


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