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An attempt to blog more..

So, I’ve been informed that right now, I probably need to blog more (this I do agree with!) so, first, my reason; 

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been in this loop! I can’t release anything new, until it’s been edited, it can’t be edited until I write it, I can’t write it until I’ve finished the other 20 stories on the go! 

But, I shall make the effort to blog more. 

So, an RJ update! 
I am currently;

  • Writing a 7-story book, featuring a spectrum of sexualities, no labels included.
  • Rewriting Casey
  • Rewriting Gay Brigade #1
  • Writing a boyfriend trilogy (with another person!
  • Attempting some kind of editorial structure 
  • Coming out of a tremendous writers block 
  • Re-reading older books of my own
  • Failing to keep on top of social media
  • Reading a lot of my favourite authors books
  • Wondering whether to keep on publishing
  • Planning my publishing dates (10th September, 20th October, 22nd November)
  • Trying to keep on top of big days for FREE sales (4th July is coming!)
  • Running out of names for my MCs
  • Loving my 7-story book! 
  • Hating not being able to share the cover or title yet! 
  • Attempting to blog more…



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Taking the time to Breathe…

Okay. I know. It’s been a while since I last blogged, and that is because I have been on a complete writing lull.

Whether it be blog posts or books, everything’s been a little half assed as late, so, I needed to take some time out, and to remind myself how to breathe, (or at least how to be inspired.)

I decided, completely by random, to reread T.J. Klune’s Bear, Otter and the Kid, a book that I haven’t read, in full, for years. Sure, I often flick through T.J’s books and reread the  scenes that include doing the baby-making floor tango mostly, but, this was the first time since I was, I believe, seventeen years old that I decided to sit and reread BOATK, and it’s funny. The first time I read this book, with 21 year old Bear, I thought I was way off that age, I thought Bear was so much older, so much more mature (sometimes), and now, being two months away from being 21 myself, I find myself relating to Bear more than I ever did before, I find myself understanding his circumstances and understanding his decision making, and understanding more of the words he uses.

I couldn’t resist continuing the series, with Who We Are and The Art of Breathing which caused me to be attatched to my kindle for almost a week, I loved rereading the bits I remembered, and thoroughly enjoyed rereading the bits that I had completely forgot. I adored the journey that is BOATK, and will always thank the Kid for teaching me how to breathe alongside him, and I count down the days until the fourth, and final instalment of the series comes out.

After being completely drowned in the world of BOATK I’ve found myself in a much better place to continue with my own creations, my own stories, I’ve found a whole new wave of inspiration and plots, and feel like I’m finally back in the swing of things.

So, I must say a Thank You to T.J. who needs to continuing writing such thought provoking and inspiring books, (I loved Tell Me it’s Real, The Queen and the Homo-Jock King, The Lighting Struck Heart and How to be a Normal Person, too of course.)




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