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Something I find odd..

Today, I took the day off college (due to not feeling 100% up to it and waking up reasonably late) but that’s not the thing I find odd.

So I was quite behind on my work when I woke up this morning I’m not going to lie but after about 4 hours sat in front of my laptop watching Our Gay Wedding: The Musical and Iron Man 2, I’m completely up-to-date with all this assignment!

The thing I find weird is that at home I’m like this!

Then at College I’m just like


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My Dyslexic Brain

brainOkay the things I think about are sort of the same as every one else and I know there’s more in there that I’ve put on and it also isn’t where everything would actually be but my point is there.

I don’t think many people realise how hard it is for me to focus on one particular thing. This isn’t a oh poor me post, it’s a hopefully explain and have a bit more understanding post.

Allot of my train of thought is on my books. I manage to change everything that happens into my life into a story, into characters and a plot, sometimes it helps me understand the things that’s happened more if I put them into a book format or put them with my own characters.

I’ve also found, in College if my tutor says we’re doing research, I hate it, it doesn’t keep my attention and I get bored with it very quickly but if ever I need to do research for my stories I  am completely transfixed by what I’m researching and sometimes do so much that I forget to actually continue with my story.

I find it insanely difficult to recount most things I’ve learnt at school but I find it really easy to remember my timetables (lessons)  through from Year Seven to my current year at college. I can’t recite timetables (maths) but given a few minutes I can come with up with the answer (whether it’s correct is a different matter).

I have a lot of general knowledge, stupid little things like information about stuff that happened on the Set of Harry Potter or random knowledge about Doctor Who, a lot of the knowledge I have however will probably not  help me in life.

I could never go to University, my brain won’t let me, I’d find it far to difficult, sitting at a desk and listening to lectures I just wouldn’t be capable of it and I could never drop out of a course, I’d instantly regret it even if I hated what I was doing.

I find it difficult to remember very simple instructions but can remember song lyrics, stage directions, complete scripts, dances without hesitation.

Basically, my dyslexic brain is rather strange but it always gets me there, I know a few people who are dyslexic and know that all our brains function differently but this is how mine functions which I find reasonably intriguing.

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I met One Direction Today…


Okay No I didn’t. I met a tribute band, but what I found interesting was the reaction from the 200 Brownies in the hall with me.

They were really talked up, the group of 7-10 year old girls truly believed the One Direction where going to be on that stage in that school hall, their hope was amazing and of course there was a air of disappointment when Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall didn’t come on stage.

But it was a 45 minute show and at the end of those 45 minutes I could’ve sworn those girls had made themselves believe that those 5 boys on that stage were One Direction, the scream when they said autographs and pictures was very, very loud, the one child who was in tears because she wanted her arm signed, the hugs and the wanting to touch these 5 boys was as if the real 1D were there.

And it made me think. Yes there was a little disappointment there but these boys were reasonably cute (very cute!) and they could sing and that was all the 200 girls needed and they fell in love with them and it honestly amazed me.

I didn’t know what it was, I wouldn’t say it was hope but it was something that turned that group of girls who were all sat on the floor looking at the 5 boys who were supposed to be One Direction to the group of girls who were screaming and jumping and singing along with the 5 boys who were not One Direction but were the next best thing.

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The Difference between Living and Learning

I’ve been a writer for about four/five years now and as I’ve continued to write I’ve worked out that I learn more than doing it than I did in my many English Lessons through the process of School.

First thing’s first. I am dyslexic so sitting at a desk and trying to take in what some one is saying to me will never work as much as those teachers may try (and I had quite wonderful relationships with my Year 9, 10 and 11 English Teachers), the point however is that I was never going to improve by just listening to someone saying it.

I became a writer, officially, when I was 15 during a Creative Writing class but I’d had an attempt at it before all on pen and paper and full of spelling and grammatical mistakes. This continued through my early work where I can almost guarantee if you read an early book of mine that they’ll be a lack of full stops, commas and whenever I meant Definitely I wrote Defiantly!

I am now 18 and although there may still be a comma missing occasionally everything else is there (and definitely is spelt right). But I’ve found that I learnt where to put comma’s, full stops and how to spell certain words through my own development rather than someone talking me through it.

Of course I’m not perfect, I still need to sit beside my more grammatically intelligent friends every now and again and make sure my sentence makes sense never mind if it’s right or not but I’ve learnt.

I now find myself putting commas and full stops in people’s sentences when they talk to me, I’ll work out were the comma would’ve gone or were the full stop is, I’ll break down a sentence and work out peoples speaking patterns and when in-particular people take pauses and put different bits of punctuation in their sentences.

Spelling of course wasn’t as straightforward, I do spend an awful lot of time saying the sounds of words and repeating a certain bit of the words. I also use Siri to correctly spell a word as long as I can pronounce the word Siri will spell it for me and you are capable to copy the spelling of the word into a document, that I’ve found is very helpful as sometimes the phonetic spelling of the word is well off the actual spelling.

So my theory is that if you make a child learn something it’ll have a harder time going in and staying in but if a child/person is doing something of their own accord, something they are inspired by, passionate about you’ll find they’ll learn the important stuff that comes with it quicker and in their own way. Of course I know this doesn’t apply to every human being, there are exceptionsbut as a general view I’ve found this to work and found that usually letting someone do something in their own time, in their own way works better than shoving information down their throats.

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