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Under Attack…

I’m quite shook by this actually. I saw it over a week ago now, but decided I’d wait to voice anything, it has stuck with me all through this week, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so here it is, me voicing something;

So, there is a tumblr post, that is currently being shared on Facebook, which basically states that asexuality (demisexual in particular) does not exist. I read it through curiosity and came away from it angry. Angry at the post, especially angry at the person who shared the post, I thought about it all night, then when I woke up I found that the Asexual Group I am apart of had made itself a closed group instead of an open page. When I looked further into this I found out it was because people  were joining the page to make fun of and abusing the asexual community on there.

I am both disgusted and angry by this.

Now I understand that the LGBT community feels as if us asexuals don’t have it as hard as they do, I mean who has ever been kicked out for not wanting to have sex..? But, equally, when you come out as gay, or lesbian, bisexual people know what that is, oh you like the same sex, oh you like the opposite sex, oh you like both sexes when you come out as asexual, I’ve found the first response is What? followed, after an explanation by but how can you not want sex. Which, honestly I find quite hard to answer, I mean, I’ve never wanted sex, How Can You Want Sex? but this is not all.

You still get made fun off.

There is still people who don’t understand and don’t accept.

There are still people who suggest that you haven’t found the right person, or that you haven’t had good enough sex yet.

Aphobia exists.

There are 43,833 people in the Asexual group.

Asexuality is valid.

Just because you don’t understand it, or you don’t want to believe it doesn’t make it go away.

I’d recommend four books, two my own, one my friends and one amazing,
The Asexual Equation
Ely, Jesse and Robin’s Guide to Asexuality
Numinous by Finlay Harper
How to be a Normal Person by TJ Klune






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