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August 25, 2016 · 5:35 pm

Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Connection 1

So, I am over halfway with #RC and feel confident, now, that it will reach it’s publication date. So, it felt the appropriate time to do a cover reveal, and an explantion.

Rainbow Connection is a selection of 7-stories. The idea was first conceived from wanting to write a story without using sexuality labels. I simply wanted to write a love story without having to use the word gay, just like in straight stories where they never mention the word straight. I figured, whilst writing the first instalment of the story that I wanted to take it further, and removed all LGBTQA+ words from all of these stories, so, these stories are about 7 boys, some are in relationships, some aren’t, most of them like boys, they all have a journey to go on, and all attend a the same support group, Rainbow Connection.




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Finding more new places to write



Its quite well known that I love finding new places to write, and it’s probably quite obvious that I have a love for water also.

For the last 10 days I have been expeditions around Hungary and it has had its highs and it’s lows but I did it, I’ve reached the last day, and what I’ve found whilst traveling not around Hungary is, for a land locked country, a lot of water. Fountains, water displays and even a full grown lake, (one of the biggest in Europe).

Ive become aware that water inspires me like nothing else. I find something so relaxing and so carefree about water, that I find it’s easy to write by. We were told we had to keep a journal as we traveled around the country, something I find rather difficult to do, I write fiction what more do you want me to say! I have attempted to keep up with my journal but a scene or two have been peeking through and a whole lot of inspiration has been brewing to write when I return to the UK.

Whilst here, I’ve read 3 books, Grand and Humble (Brent Hartinger), Angel Kermony and Sydney’s Spaceship (Jo Banks). I plan to read Paper Towns (John Green) on the flight home, and hopefully 3 Truths and a Lie (Brent Hartinger) as well. Each of these have helped with the inspiration of course. I unfortunately managed to break my kindle around day 5 but, I fought on reading them on the kindle app!

This photo was taken on the island between Buda and Pest, Margitsziget, where there is a regular fountain show with music and very talented water! I think I’ve decided this is my favourite place in Hungary, and definitely my favourite place to write.


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Taking the time to Breathe…

Okay. I know. It’s been a while since I last blogged, and that is because I have been on a complete writing lull.

Whether it be blog posts or books, everything’s been a little half assed as late, so, I needed to take some time out, and to remind myself how to breathe, (or at least how to be inspired.)

I decided, completely by random, to reread T.J. Klune’s Bear, Otter and the Kid, a book that I haven’t read, in full, for years. Sure, I often flick through T.J’s books and reread the  scenes that include doing the baby-making floor tango mostly, but, this was the first time since I was, I believe, seventeen years old that I decided to sit and reread BOATK, and it’s funny. The first time I read this book, with 21 year old Bear, I thought I was way off that age, I thought Bear was so much older, so much more mature (sometimes), and now, being two months away from being 21 myself, I find myself relating to Bear more than I ever did before, I find myself understanding his circumstances and understanding his decision making, and understanding more of the words he uses.

I couldn’t resist continuing the series, with Who We Are and The Art of Breathing which caused me to be attatched to my kindle for almost a week, I loved rereading the bits I remembered, and thoroughly enjoyed rereading the bits that I had completely forgot. I adored the journey that is BOATK, and will always thank the Kid for teaching me how to breathe alongside him, and I count down the days until the fourth, and final instalment of the series comes out.

After being completely drowned in the world of BOATK I’ve found myself in a much better place to continue with my own creations, my own stories, I’ve found a whole new wave of inspiration and plots, and feel like I’m finally back in the swing of things.

So, I must say a Thank You to T.J. who needs to continuing writing such thought provoking and inspiring books, (I loved Tell Me it’s Real, The Queen and the Homo-Jock King, The Lighting Struck Heart and How to be a Normal Person, too of course.)




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#TAA Release Date!


That Awkward Age
Release Date: 30th November 2016

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Full CoverFirst of #RJwave2, Superstar is now available with it’s new cover and few added extras inside!


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So, here it is, the first rerelease! The first RJ Wave 2 book is going to be released, and of course, how else do I start a rerelease, but with the first book ever released!



Get the new Superstar  on the 11th April!


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Casey Inspiration

new cover

So, the rewrite of Casey is well underway, and if I say so myself, going quite well. This time we’re doing things differently.

First BIG change is the story will be told by Casey’s PoV instead of his boyfriend Mickey’s, that in itself has caused many alterations and research! I am excited by this change, as I love making Casey more 3D then he originally was, it’s interesting to see his family, his therapist, his T injections, everything that happens in the shadows and out of Mickey’s eye (well, sometimes at least).

I’ll add some background to Casey’s character; he is 18 and 5 months old, 4 months ago he was given the confirmation for his bottom surgery (he is very excited about this), he has had to move house to get the surgery, so his whole family moved closer to the hospital, and changed both Casey’s and his little sister Abi’s schools.

You find out a lot of Casey’s story throughout the book, regarding his coming out and his journey, but, you also learn everything first hand, along with his new boyfriend Mickey.

There has been plenty of inspiration for this book. I decided to rewrite it about a month ago, after giving it a reread and feeling I hadn’t done this book the justice it deserved. One of the first people to give me the inspiration to rewrite this book was Jo Banks, a friend and fellow author, he is being so open about his transition on Facebook that it blew me away, and reading about everything, watching the videos and keeping up with his updates, was part of the catalyst that made me think Casey needed to be rewrote.

The second inspiration is a more recent inspiration, that my editor put me onto. Alex Bertie and Jake Edwards, both are YouTubers and both are FTM, I have been watching their videos religiously for almost the last week. They’re both so inspirational in so many ways, whilst also being inspirational in the writing sense, they’re filling me with material to write and I am excited for it all.

I recommend you check these guys out, all are inspirational, whilst all being brave enough to put their transitions online;

Jo Banks – https://www.facebook.com/groups/913215802042774/?ref=ts&fref=ts
Alex Bertie – https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRealJazzBertie
Jake Edwards – https://www.youtube.com/user/JakeFTMagic
Alex + Jake – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLx16Df0NEQb2m_N0u-71UA

I don’t think Casey would be going as well as it is without these guys helping me, without knowing they are, although it is likely one will read this, HI!

I would love to send all 3 of them a completed version of the book when it is released, of course, hoping it is good enough! So, I’ll keep you up-to-date on that!


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So, whilst redesigning covers and rewriting books, I thought something else of mine deserved a redesign.

website rj

I have redesigned my website – www.rjseeley.wix.com/writer

My newly designed website (new colour and all) is focusing more on, Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover. Read the blurb before seeing the cover, and I’m quite excited by the concept.

Also, all my brand new covers are available online too, so take a look to find out about new releases!

Let me know what you think of my new website, by leaving a comment or leaving a like.


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Colour in Writing 

So, this is something I’ve been musing over for a while, and now, I put it to you. 

As an author, I tend to not describe my characters too much. I sometimes add hair colour, eye colour, whether they wear glasses, have braces etc. But, the idea of writing someone’s colour has never occurred to me. 

I simply never describe the skin tone of a character unless completely necessary for example; 

he was a stark constant to Skylar, especially with his ivory skin tone against Skylar’s more olive skin tone – Ashton (2017)

Other than statements like the one above, I tend to avoid the idea of writing colour. I like to leave that up to the person reading the story, if they want to see one of my characters as a tall, thin, white boy feel free, if they want to see them as a short, rounded Asian boy, do so, I want people to read my characters how they want to, not how I dictate it. 

Of course, I’m aware of diverse writing, but I often wonder if pushing it so much makes the story less enjoyable, less relatable.

But, now, it comes to you, which do you prefer, 

Readers: Reading and knowing the colour or ethnically of a character? Or not?

Authors: Writing your exact image, your picture in your head? Or not?

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