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The A-Z of my Life!

Asexual; I have recently come out as Asexual and I’m proud to say I am!
Brownies; I’ve been a Brownie Leader for 6 years now!
College; I’ve been a college student for 4 years and done 4 different subjects, Acting, Theatre Technology, Photography and now Childcare.
Dominos; It’s officially a thing now, my house is connected with ordering Dominos and it’s pretty much all my friends and I eat.
Education; Should hopefully be the line of work I’ll go into (alongside writing)
FictionPress; Where my writing actually took off, a lot of my stories are there under RJ Seeley but they are terrible, unedited messes.
Gang Show; I’ve done 2 Gang Shows and am going to be doing my 3rd in 2015
Harry Potter; It doesn’t matter how many years it’s been or how many new things have come out I’ll still love just sitting and watching the Harry Potter films (Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite)
Iceland; One of the countries I visited on my 2014 cruise. We went swimming in the Blue Lagoon!
January 17th 2013; The day I published my first ever book, Superstar.
Kids; I spend my life surrounded by kids by being a Brownie leader, a Rainbow Leader and soon a Teaching Assistant
LGBT; My main topic of writing and a topic I am hugely interested in and am supportive of.
Musical Theatre; My one true calling in life! I’ve always been a massive fan of MT and will continue to be for years to come (favourites include Billy Elliot (stage), Hairspray, Starlight Express and of course Grease)
Nineteen; The age I am currently at, and it’s okay.
Overdue; I was born 3 weeks late, arriving on the 16th August 1995
Prima Ballerina; One of the things I’d like to be when I grow up, but cannot be due to weak ankles
Queens Guide; I am one of 20,000 people who have their Queens Guide Award
R.J. Seeley; My alias, my writing name – but who knows my real name ;)
Scouser; Born and Bred in Liverpool, lived in the city for 19 years so far! (I’m a blue)
The Little Mermaid; My favourite animated Disney Film and the film that used to put me to bed every night when I was little.
University; I don’t plan on going to University in any of the near future.
Vlogger; I’ve tried to be a vlogger, I have a YouTube page called ASeeley!
Writing; I am a writer, I spend pretty much every awake moment writing and will continue to write!
X-Ray; My first x-ray was when I was 6 and I’d fell over a brick and twisted my ankle
Y0-y0; A memory from my first year in college
Zizzle; Z was hard, so this word made me smile, smile :D


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When a Door Closes Somewhere a Window Opens

This may get soppy and for that, I am sorry


So I’ve officially finished my three years at my college’s Art Centre, it’s even been a day since I finished and I just haven’t quite got that. Obviously three years is a very long time and that college became a massive part of my life.

When I left school I didn’t know where I was going with my life, I’d spent 5 years in an all girls school so I had no idea how to communicate with boys (That’s sounds like a lie, but I swear I had no clue), I didn’t have a spark of confident, at all, school really knocked me down and I was so scared to leave school (although, I hated it). The day before my first day at college I considered not going, I was beyond terrified about going, I wanted to drop out and I hadn’t even started.

533649_261018683985334_2070531712_nMy first year was the best year of my life. Level 2 Performing Arts (2011-2012). I met the best people that year, I met 4 lifelong friends and had some amazing experiences. I had my first kiss, I had my first boyfriend, I performed on stage (TWICE), I went to my first boy/girl sleepover. That year made me grow so much and I enjoyed it so much, lets just say the very last day in class was full of tears!
Gold Forever – 1st Year College

971840_10201373367873214_1179281625_nMy second year, alright, I went into my second year with very little knowledge on it and not very high hopes, Level 3 Theatre Technology and Stage Management (2012-2013). It wasn’t my first choice I admit, a lot of complications went on at the end of my first year which is how I ended up on this course but I would never change it. I actually ended up learning so much on that course and enjoying it immensely, I met 2 very best friends on that course and 1 other who has a complicated relationship.
End of Year Video – 2nd Year College 

Photo on 2014-06-06 at 13.16My third and final year in college is the one that’s just come to an end, Level 2 Photography (2013-2014). This year has been an interesting one, the start of it felt completely unknown to me, it wasn’t near the theatre at all, it was a completely different ball game which took me a while to get used to but hey, I ended up having a lot of fun on it and making 3 brilliant friends which I definitely won’t break contract with.
End of Year – 3rd Year College

College has honestly really shaped me as a person and I don’t regret the last 3 years one bit (well I regret some actions but not the years) and although I’m happy to continue with my life I am really sad to be leaving the place that has been a 2nd home to me for the last 3 years.

Thanks for the three years!




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Something I find odd..

Today, I took the day off college (due to not feeling 100% up to it and waking up reasonably late) but that’s not the thing I find odd.

So I was quite behind on my work when I woke up this morning I’m not going to lie but after about 4 hours sat in front of my laptop watching Our Gay Wedding: The Musical and Iron Man 2, I’m completely up-to-date with all this assignment!

The thing I find weird is that at home I’m like this!

Then at College I’m just like


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