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Well, I guess it’s time for the reflective post on the last year. 

2015 was definitely one of the most conflicting years for my writing, there were definite high moments, but some very definite low moments, and I think my blog was with me throughout the majority of them. 

But first, the stats;

  • I released my first book of 2015 on Valentine’s Day, Prince’s Tale. 
  • Following that I released 7 books between March and October. 
  • My Black Friday sale placed 6 of my books in the top 25 list on Amazon.
  • My Black Friday sale had a record number of 700+ downloads. 
  • My most popular book in 2015 was All is Equal, since it’s release in August there has been 65 paid sales. 

Now, for the year;

The year started with Prince’s Tale going into pre-order, since then there has been many deadlines set, and many met, a few delayed. My most exciting release of the year was Basorexia, my story I wrote with 3 co-writers Finlay Harper (who is releasing his first novel in 2016), J.D. Barkley and K. Tealin, as the story was in production for 2 years it was definitely the most anticipated release, and as it began to happen definitely the most exciting, especially being able to publish it with 3 authors who had never published a book before. 

But, with highs, unfortunately comes lows, and with a more public view, comes negativity, when I look at my sale numbers I realise the negativity is coming from about 5% of my readers, but, as always negative comments stay with you more than compliments. Very soon the negativity began to get to me, and unfortunately the only thing I could think to do was declare a publishing break. The break was enforced after the release of my latest book, On Tour, and so far the break is helping me focus on past books and future plans without the idea of any deadlines. 

I love to write, and I especially love to share my writing, I want people to fall in love with my boys like I do, and I want people to be apart of their worlds. Their stories. Unfortunately right now, I’m feeling a bit hesitant to share anything new just yet, I’ve always been aware there is problems in my writing, but what indie author doesn’t have problems in their writing. I am looking to hopefully having some of those problems ironed out, and am actually looking forward to the things I have planned for early 2016. 

So, as you can tell 2015 was definitely a mixed bag for me, but I come out of it with the knowledge of what I need to do to improve, and won a slightly rose tinted optimism. 



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