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12 Days of Drabbles


So as Bon Voyage begins to set Sale! I set sail on a 12 day cruise (woop). Last year on my cruise I wrote Bon Voyage that’s where it all began on deck 7 which my little Doctor Who notebook and postcards which I used to send the story on.

Now as I’m going onto another cruise this year I wanted to write something – I’m currently banned from starting new stories, something about there already being about 10 on the go! so I decided instead to do 12 Days of Drabbles!

Copy of Copy of 12
So in this twelve days of drabbles is;

Nathan and Cory from Choreography
Max and Billy from Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
Elyot and Kyrain from 12A
Calvin and Damian from Vlogger
Dominic and Robin from Basorexia: Metanoia
Ollie and Josh from On Tour
Oliver and Harry from The Wedding Plan
Jake and Harvey from The Asexual Equation
Jonathan and George from Jonathan
Pete and Ryan from Paperhouse/Gay Brigade
Mickey and Casey from Casey
And of course Darren and Luke from Bon Voyage (because how could I not)

So far my plan is to publish this on the 12th December and hopefully by then every book involved in the drabbles will have been published!

Within the Drabbles there’ll be 3 Sex Scenes, 4 first times, 1 last time, 1 coming out, 1 lesson in sign language, 1 honeymoon and 1 engagement
And I think it’s safe to say I’m really, really excited to get started on it!

So Bon Voyage! I shall return after my 12 day break!

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