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The big GAY announcement


So, the big Gay Brigade Announcement.

By the end of 2016 the entire of the Gay Brigade series will be unpublished, BUT don’t fret, because it is also being rewrote.

From the very beginning, the Gay Brigade is being redone, new story-lines (I know, story-lines!), and cleaner covers, there also is going to be a fifth book. Gay Brigade: McKenzie and Dominic, the story of the Gay Brigade’s two straight children!

I’m excited about the prospect of the new Gay Brigade, and so far the writing is going brilliantly (if I say so myself).

So, keep an eye out for more Gay Brigade announcements and release dates!!



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Happy Easter

A little snippet from the upcoming book Gay Brigade: Ryan and Daniel …

I followed Kenny down the stairs, taking it one step at a time like he was, Ryan had beaten us downstairs mostly so he could put the various Easter eggs down since we wouldn’t last night in case he woke up before us and ran downstairs, although he did get bored halfway and turned to look at me
“Come on” I said and he sighed overdramatically but reattached his hand to the banister and continued down one step at a time then got to bottom and got significantly faster, running into the living room and attacking Ryan who was guarding the doors that lead into the living room.
“You’re excited” Ryan said making Kenny laugh as I came behind him so Ryan opened the door and we both saw how Kenny’s expression changed very quickly.
“Mine?” he asked so we both nodded then watched him run and slide on his knees to the variously stacked Easter eggs. Okay so they were the little one pound ones, that were the eggs and the sweets where in the middle of the hollow egg, but he was two we were not going to buy him massive eggs ever, but he was still over the moon, we’d got him four, a Milky Bar, Buttons, Freddo and a Smarties and I could foresee the hypo-ness later. “Thank daddy, thank papa” he said
“The Easter Bunny brought them Kenny” Ryan said and Kenny frowned at him
“Easter Bunny?”
“Yep, the Easter bunny makes all the eggs then brings them” I said and Kenny grinned
“Can one?” he asked so we looked at each other
“How about I put Nutella on your toast” Ryan said and Kenny nodded perfectly satisfied by that, so Ryan stood and began his way to the kitchen but stopped
“Daniel” he said so I turned to him and was given a chocolate bunny.
“Oh” I said making him laugh “Breaking the rules” I added and he laughed
“I couldn’t resist it” he said nodding
“No neither could I” I replied and gave him the chocolate owl I’d secretly brought which made him laugh “Nutella?” he asked so I nodded
“One piece though” I said and he saluted then went into the kitchen.


Happy Easter!


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