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August 25, 2016 · 5:35 pm

Rainbow Connection

Rainbow Connection 1

So, I am over halfway with #RC and feel confident, now, that it will reach it’s publication date. So, it felt the appropriate time to do a cover reveal, and an explantion.

Rainbow Connection is a selection of 7-stories. The idea was first conceived from wanting to write a story without using sexuality labels. I simply wanted to write a love story without having to use the word gay, just like in straight stories where they never mention the word straight. I figured, whilst writing the first instalment of the story that I wanted to take it further, and removed all LGBTQA+ words from all of these stories, so, these stories are about 7 boys, some are in relationships, some aren’t, most of them like boys, they all have a journey to go on, and all attend a the same support group, Rainbow Connection.




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Finding more new places to write



Its quite well known that I love finding new places to write, and it’s probably quite obvious that I have a love for water also.

For the last 10 days I have been expeditions around Hungary and it has had its highs and it’s lows but I did it, I’ve reached the last day, and what I’ve found whilst traveling not around Hungary is, for a land locked country, a lot of water. Fountains, water displays and even a full grown lake, (one of the biggest in Europe).

Ive become aware that water inspires me like nothing else. I find something so relaxing and so carefree about water, that I find it’s easy to write by. We were told we had to keep a journal as we traveled around the country, something I find rather difficult to do, I write fiction what more do you want me to say! I have attempted to keep up with my journal but a scene or two have been peeking through and a whole lot of inspiration has been brewing to write when I return to the UK.

Whilst here, I’ve read 3 books, Grand and Humble (Brent Hartinger), Angel Kermony and Sydney’s Spaceship (Jo Banks). I plan to read Paper Towns (John Green) on the flight home, and hopefully 3 Truths and a Lie (Brent Hartinger) as well. Each of these have helped with the inspiration of course. I unfortunately managed to break my kindle around day 5 but, I fought on reading them on the kindle app!

This photo was taken on the island between Buda and Pest, Margitsziget, where there is a regular fountain show with music and very talented water! I think I’ve decided this is my favourite place in Hungary, and definitely my favourite place to write.


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An attempt to blog more..

So, I’ve been informed that right now, I probably need to blog more (this I do agree with!) so, first, my reason; 

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been in this loop! I can’t release anything new, until it’s been edited, it can’t be edited until I write it, I can’t write it until I’ve finished the other 20 stories on the go! 

But, I shall make the effort to blog more. 

So, an RJ update! 
I am currently;

  • Writing a 7-story book, featuring a spectrum of sexualities, no labels included.
  • Rewriting Casey
  • Rewriting Gay Brigade #1
  • Writing a boyfriend trilogy (with another person!
  • Attempting some kind of editorial structure 
  • Coming out of a tremendous writers block 
  • Re-reading older books of my own
  • Failing to keep on top of social media
  • Reading a lot of my favourite authors books
  • Wondering whether to keep on publishing
  • Planning my publishing dates (10th September, 20th October, 22nd November)
  • Trying to keep on top of big days for FREE sales (4th July is coming!)
  • Running out of names for my MCs
  • Loving my 7-story book! 
  • Hating not being able to share the cover or title yet! 
  • Attempting to blog more…


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Book Announcement 7: Baker’s Double.


Baker's Double 2


Book Announcement 7!!

My Second Merge!

This time, it’s the story of the Baker Twins Mason and Jason.

As the first of the two books, Trapped is a very short story to Released, I thought it might be better to have the two stories in one, the first of Mason and Jason’s last day in school, then Jason’s story of moving out, and moving on.

But, wait there is more. I will also be adding another story to this selection of books, the counter-part to Jason’s Released. I will be writing the story from Mason’s point of view. It will be the same timescale as Jason’s story, just from the PoV of his very straight brother. I’m equally excited and anxious for this story, but am very happy for the release.

The cover for ‘The Bake Twins’ was designed by Open the Book Design.

Don’t fear both Trapped and Released will still be available separately.


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First (Book) Announcement of 2016…

So, here it is. My first book announcement of 2016, and it is;

I will be putting all my 100 pages or less stories, into one book. This complementation book will be available in the Summer time, and will include such books as;

  • Barking at the Moon
  • Ely, Jesse and Robin’s Guide to Asexuality
  • Moot
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Romeo and Julian
  • Sex Education
  • The Wedding Plan

So, stay tuned to see GET IT BEFORE IT GOES, sales on these individual books, before the release of RJ’s Short Stories!




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Well, Summer is nearly over. 

Well, actually we could actually say we’re well into September, and autumn but, I believe today might be the last ‘sit outside in a t-shirt‘ day for a while. 

But, summer is alas nearly over, I have turned 20, which officially means that we’ve passed the middle of the summer, and everyone’s back at school and work. 

It was an enjoyable summer, but, I also spent a lot of time thinking this summer. I got myself an editor, which is a big yaay! and I finally released Basorexia, the book that has been in waiting for two years. 

I have, however now made my decision, when On Tour is released on the 6th October, that will be the last RJ book in 2015. It will also, probably be the last book until at least 2017. I am taking a break, I will be gone. Sure, I will still blog, I’ll still be on social media, I’ll keep everyone updated, but there will be no publications until 2017, which sounds a lifetime away, but really as we’re already in September 2015, we’ll be there before we know it. 

All my previous books will go through an edit, and a rebrand. 

More will be revealed in due course. 


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Like the Gay Brigade?


Want to keep up to date with everything Gay Brigade? Go and like The Gay Brigade Series Facebook Page and keep up on all promotions, releases, trivia and more!


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My 2014…

So this is it, the end of 2014!

And this year has probably been my best for my writing! Starting the year with my very successful Free Valentines Sale, were 2,026 of my books were sold in the space of 24 hours! Which was amazing and really made me think 2014 is going to be my year!

This year I had 17 books published! Ranging from novels to Books in a Day!

And I even managed to write a story that went into none other than Brent Hartingers project (I know right!)

The ranking for my top 5 books this year is;

top 5

Here’s to 2015!



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New Adult Books for 2015!

New Adult

New Adult Literature touches upon many themes and issues to reach the readership that falls in between the categories of young adult and adult fiction. Many themes covered in young adult fiction such as identity, sexuality, depression, suicide, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, familial struggles, bullying are also covered in new adult fiction, but the various issues that are dealt with in the category hold it separate. Some common examples of issues include: first jobs, starting college, wedding engagements and marriage, starting new families, friendships post-high school, military enlistment, financial independence, living away from home for the first time, empowerment, loss of innocence, fear of failure, and so many others. This category focuses heavily on life after an individual has become of legal age, and how one deals with the new beginnings of adulthood. Commonly, these themes and issues have been seen taking place post-high school in popular new adult fiction titles, but there are exceptions.

In the upcoming year I will be releasing a few New Adult books, as I’ve found myself reaching the New Adult age, so have my characters!

Coming in 2015!

All is Equal – Nathaniel and Owen couldn’t be more different if they’d tried so the fact their relationship has lasted almost four years has amazed everyone, but now Nathaniel wants to find out if their differences will course problems so he invites Owen on their annual family holiday to the Shetland Islands but what starts as two weeks of having fun and enjoying being together soon becomes the biggest test on their relationship yet.  (August 2015)

Twenty-Two Steps – There’s bad coming out’s then their Taylor’s coming out. The day he came out it threw his life into a downward spiral but now he’s ready to get back up again – or so he hopes. Enrolled into a Musical Theatre course (his secret desire) and going out and meeting new people again scares Taylor to some extent but whilst he’s re-facing the world he’s also helping his ten year old neighbour face Secondary School. Taylor begins to realise that the world may be a scary place but shying away isn’t going to get him anywhere and he’s also going to find that occasional person that he dislikes along the way. (August 2015)

On Tour – G3-EK are doing a UK tour with Kings Road, G3-EK are the ultimate fandom band whereas Kings Road couldn’t be more different, so what’s the reason they’re touring together? Well it’s got to be something to do with the guitarist of G3-EK dating the lead singer of Kings Road, but that’s a secret. (6th October 2015)

Vloggers – Calvin and Damian have been friends for 7 years and nothing more but that isn’t the case on their YouTube channel CD Player, driven by a fan comment Calvin and Damian keep up the act that they’re dating, but what happens when Calvin starts to date someone? And most importantly what happens when Damian begins having feelings for Calvin? (June 2015)

Until Next Time – Milo and Zander are just turning 18, Milo’s about to graduate High School whilst Zander’s finishing his final A-Level exams and both don’t really have a clue. Milo wants to be an artist but living in New York City he’s got as much chance as the next guy, he’s starting to think that he might end up working in Starbucks for the rest of his life. On top of his career crisis he also has to handle the challenge of coming out and telling people about his boyfriend Cody. Zander just wants to finish his exams with good marks, he’s not sure about University and is being pressured to apply for it as the deadline is getting closer. Zander begins to seriously considering going and joining his brother in New York to study writing but doesn’t quite have to heart to tell his friends or his mother’s. (December 2015)


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