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#TAA on Kindle Scout


You can nominate That Awkward Age here!https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/SYP95L2YVPJJ


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One Year On…

So, my one year publishing holiday is coming very quickly to an end. I have just sent my first 2016 book to Kindle Scout, to be considered for a publishing contract, I will be informed in a few days of its campaign date, but, I’m more amazed that it has already been an year. 

Last year, I published On Tour and declared that my last for the next 365 days. I’m more impressed with the fact that I’ve kept to it. I started the year off with an intention, to reedit all my books (work in progress!), to rewrite Gay Brigade and Casey (bigger work in progress!), and to stop taking low starred reviews so harshly (COMPLETED!). Instead, I have decided on, and finished That Awkward Age, which will be released in November, I have started a 4-part drag series ‘The Rose Quartet’, which includes Rose, Jasmine, Cherry Blossom and Daisy and I came up with a completely new idea, the one that will be published this month Rainbow Connection. 

More information will follow for each of these books.


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Spotlight Book!

In the spotlight is Sex Education

Cover 2 - Copy

Five year eleven students have a sex education class there never going to forget. Now that sex has become part of their lives its come a little too fast, sure you can joke and mess but when it comes down to it who really knows when they’re ready? Stephen and Katie have been dating for two years and he’s ready but she’s not, she won’t go any further than fooling around and that’s starting to annoy Stephen. He wants to go all the way with her but will never force her into anything so is stuck. James (Scout) has been spending a lot of time with his laptop lately but he can’t seem to stop himself, he pines after having a girlfriend but is too scared to make a move. Charlotte can be crude when she wants to be, she can discuss sex like it’s nobody’s business but when he comes to it she’s far too scared to try anything at all! And Noah, Noah just sits back and watches as it happens, he’s had sex so it’s just amusement to him, but he won’t give any details to anyone, at all.


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So Released has been republished at a lower price on Kindle $3.00/£2.00 (that’s 66% cheaper than original)

Jason’s a nineteen year old drag queen. Jason Baker is making a name for himself as Jasmine who performs every Saturday in the Rose Quartz but whilst doing so Jason is also a nineteen year old boy, completing his last year in College, keeping his boyfriend satisfied and deciding maybe it’s time to move out of his parents house.


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