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Merry Christmas

A Drabble of a Gay Brigade Christmas!

“Come on baby” I said picking Kenny up shaking my head at my husbands cruelness since our little boy was dressed as a elf. “You’re tired” I said as Kenny leant his head on my chest yawning slightly “You’ve just had a half an hour nap, how are you tired?” I asked whilst taking him downstairs hearing moans at me then Daniel’s laugh
“What are you asking him?”
“He’s a little sleepy elf” I said whilst handing him to Daniel, who stood him on his legs and smiled at him, getting one back as the little elf began to wake up.
“Ready for Christmas dinner Kenny?” Daniel asked making Kenny laugh
“YEAH” he replied loudly and began clapping as I shook my head, clearing the couch, since there were bids and bottles and socks and clothes everywhere.
“Is everyone coming?” Daniel asked as I folded Kenny’s clothes from yesterday’s
“Everyone, literally everyone, gay brigade and partners”
“My word, so that’s a Callum, a Darren, an American and an Essex boy ”
“Correct, welsh-y” I replied making him laugh as he sat Kenny down on his legs
“You’re going to be very confused today”
“NOT” Kenny shouted back at him as he laughed
“Yes you are”
“NOT” was the reply so he looked at me
“Ay he’s going to be centre of attention, everyone’s going to be aww, and ooh look at him,”
“Oh fun” Daniel replied as I nodded
“Mum and Pete are coming as well actually”
“Oh wonderful, who are we housing?”
“I think Mum and Pete have a hotel room, we might be housing Callum and Noah”
“What about Darren and Luke?”
“Probably hotel as well, they’re all very good”
“Obviously except Callum”
“He is godfather to be fair” I said nodding making Daniel laugh as Kenny looked between us
“CALLUM” he said so I nodded as he giggled a little as the doorbell went, which of course I had to go to, discovering it was my mother, and Pete, so I hugged them both and lead them through hearing “GRANNANNY” once mum got into the front room
“Grannanny?” Pete asked so I laughed and shrugged a little
“I don’t know where that came from”
“What are you?”
“I’m daddy” I said nodding when we’d gotten into the living room “Daniel is papa”
“Oh god you’re making me want a baby” he moaned then he laughed “Oh my god he’s a elf”
“Yeah, that was papa”
“Approved papa” He said nodding as Daniel grinned a little.

The gay brigade were at our house within half an hour, mum did the dinner, no sexism involved, she shouted at us if we so much as suggested we help. But Kenny was being spoilt rotten even if most of the time the paper was far more interesting to him, he was just sat on the paper surrounded by paper whilst trying to eat the paper, which naturally was tweeted. Kenny was very much enjoying all the attention he was getting, although he was having a bit of a shock with the different accents which was rather humorous to watch and he soon chose a favourite which was Luke, who favourited Kenny as much. So little elf spent allot of time on Luke’s knee. Until he wanted feeding and suddenly his daddies where good enough again. Although Daniel fed him just as the dinner began to be put out. Which of course because you know it was food we swarmed, sitting Kenny in his high chair with a Yorkshire pudding, pigs in blanket and some peas to nibble on.
“So go on who’s going to tie the knot next?” Mum started the conversation making the two couples who were all midway eating to choke, which started Daniel’s, Pete’s and mine giggling.
“What about you boys?”
“Hm, we’ve been together for like a year Catherine” Callum said making Noah laugh
“Never too early” Mum said making Callum and Noah look at each other. “And?” She added to Luke and Darren seeing them shake there heads
“We, well, we’re” Darren said then looked at Luke
“I think marriage makes Darren wet himself” he said and we all began laughing
“We will talk about it” Darren said getting quite a surprised look from Luke but also a smile.
“Then of course there’ll be babies” she said very nonchalantly whilst getting four very stern no’s “No, how can you say that, have you not witnessed the little elf?” She asked so we all looked at Kenny as he ate the Yorkshire pudding
“Yes, adorable, adorable when he’s a loan, not a full time resident” Noah said as Callum nodded which made both Dan and I laugh
“Boys” I said so Darren and Callum looked at me. I nodded to them both then put one finger up, seeing them look at Luke and Noah then smile back and put one finger up to me. “Can I be your best men?”
“UNFAIR” Darren declared “We have a system”
“You have a system?” Daniel repeated so I nodded
“Callum’s my best man, I’m Darren’s and Darren’s Callum’s” I said making mum laugh
“Gosh you really are like a bunch of girls” she said making respective partners and Pete laugh.
“It was taken very seriously in the gay brigade solemnly swear”
“I don’t remember a solemnly swear” Mum said
“Only for members with penis'” Darren replied
“That’s sexist”
“Oh shush” Callum said making her laugh
“Is it normal for British people to talk about penis’ over dinner?” Luke asked making us all laugh as Darren held his shoulder
“No, no don’t start bringing it up over dinner, especially at my parents, you’re just in a very strange place”
“Trust me when I say I love these people, but I swear my blood family would not go with this conversation”
“Okay no penis’ at family dinner”
“No penis'”
“No sex” Callum said
“No cute butts” I added
“Just sort of say away from the sexual side of our relationship all together” Darren said
“Keep the impression of cute gay guys that bake and stuff” Callum said
“And how you like musical theatre” Noah said
“And it always helps if you add your amazing fashion sense” Daniel said
“Have you met Darren’s parents?” Pete asked and Luke nodded
“I spent like two weeks on a ship with them”
“Oh he’ll be fine, lay off gay brigade” he said as mum nodded
“But follow their advice sweetie” Mum said and Luke nodded
“But I don’t like musical theatre” he said getting gasps from Daniel, Noah and me
“You live by broadway though, how can you not” Noah said shaking his head in dismay
“You are also in like two of the biggest musical theatre performances household” Callum said making Luke look at us with wide eyes.
“I’m so, so sorry” he said shaking his head as the two of us laughed
“It’s alright” Daniel said laughing a little “You were not to know”
“You were familiar though” he said nodding “I now know why” he said smiling a little shyly which made us both frown “I saw you on broadway”
“You saw me in Wicked?” Daniel asked and he nodded
“I went with my friends, it was a birthday present for one of them”
“And yet you don’t like musicals”
“Well it was okay, but I, if I had the choice between a musical and something else, like sex I’d choose sex”
“I’ll just reassure you that we’d all choose sex” I said making him laugh as mum began collecting the plates removing them from the table and going to get the afters, whilst I got Kenny out of his high chair, mostly to cover his ears because the crackers were being pulled, then pulling one with Daniel and putting the paper hat on Kenny making him giggle, we had a variety of puddings for afters, there was of course the traditional fruit one but many of us were not eating that, so we had a alternative which was chocolate, which all the rest of us had and I was apparently sharing with Kenny. We have a rather simple Christmas, we sit and watch all the Christmas specials, it was confirmed that we were housing Callum and Noah, and the others had hotels, so they stayed for a little longer. Kenny was put to bed around half seven.
“Godfather gets priority on hug” Callum said taking Kenny from mum and hugging him as Kenny began to fall asleep on him,
“Not over grandmother” mum said taking him back
“Do you three want to keep him awake?” I queried and they all shook there heads at me making me laugh so I took him off mum.
“Father has major priory” I said making her smile as I rubbed Kenny’s back and nodded at Daniel having him stand
“Catherine’s in charge” he said making me laugh as we both began up the stairs, I gave Kenny his bottle as Daniel got his pyjamas and nappy ready, we then swapped, me making a second bottle for throughout the night just in case whilst he got Kenny dressed “Baby’s asleep” he said quietly making me go to him and laugh quietly, Kenny had in fact fell asleep on the changing mat, I grinned a little as Daniel picked him up, trying his best not to wake him then put him into his cot, kissing his forehead lightly then smiling at me
“He was a good little elf” I said nodding as he did,
“A very good little elf” he replied then pulled me into him and kissed me lightly “Merry Christmas Ryan”
“Merry Christmas” I replied as he laughed then flicked the night light on and left the room with me, going back downstairs.

“So tell me Luke why are you meeting Darren’s parents?” Daniel asked making like laugh as the alcohol began getting passed around.
“Boxing Day dinner did you say?” Luke asked Darren so he nodded
“I had thanksgiving with his family, so I told him he had to have Christmas and Boxing Day with my families” Darren replied
“I still don’t quite understand how this is your family” Luke said making us all laugh
“Catherine, adopts us all, she is like our mother and Callum and Ryan are like my brothers – to be fair there’s not much emotional connection to Noah and Daniel, even though I was in Noah’s class”
“So they’re you’re metaphorical family?” He asked and Darren laughed
“If you understand that, yes”
“Ah right” he said “I like them”
“Good” Darren said “Because you’re officially part of it now”
“One of us, one of us” Callum and I chorused making Luke laugh
“Don’t worry there is benefits” Daniel said nodding
“Some good benefits” Noah said nodding. Darren and Luke left around half nine after a series of hugs and one last look at a sleeping Kenny, leaving us with Callum, Noah, mum and Pete, mum and Pete left around ten, then we all began to go to bed. Well, we went and checked on Kenny, then made us the spare bedroom for Noah and Callum, and then we went to bed.


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Happy Halloween!

A bit from Gay Brigade: Ryan and Daniel to get in the Halloween mood 🎃

“BYE DADDY” Kenny shouted loudly so I looked at him as he grinned at me from his highchair then lifted his arms because he obviously wanted to be set free, so I set him to free and let him wander into the living room where cbeebies was already on the tv which would distract him enough for me to clean up breakfast.
“Papa!” He called after about five minutes so I went through seeing him sat, well laying on the couch watching the TV, “What hal-o-ween?” He asked frowning so I looked at the TV, all the presenters were dressed as witches and ghosts and all the episodes had a scary (but not) theme to them.
“Halloween?” I repeated and he nodded “Halloween is a day were kids get loads of sweets and dress up in costumes” I said mostly because he was three.
“Do I costume?” He asked
“Do you want one?” I asked and he nodded quickly so I thought then went through to the kitchen and through the bedding that’d been washed a few days ago. I then cut two holes in one of the white pillow cases and took it back through to Kenny making him stand on the couch so I could put it on him which made him giggle “Do you want arm holes as well?” I asked and he nodded so once he stood still he got arm holes cut in. He was definitely the cutest ghost I’d ever seen and after I’d taken the mandatory picture I asked him what he wanted to do which got a very dramatic shrug “Would you like to make a pumpkin?” I asked and he frowned at me “Come on” I said picking him up and taking him through to the kitchen were we had some little pumpkins on the counter “We have to leave one for daddy” I said and Kenny nodded “But we can decorate the other two” I said so he nodded again just more happily this time. I gave him a permanent marker to draw on the pumpkin with feeling it was probably best I didn’t give him a knife to carve it and I also found it about ten times easier to do with just a marker, Kenny went to town on his there wasn’t a face he’d just drew on it, I’d drawn a face, not a brilliant face but a face. We then placed them in the windows in the living room.

By the time Ryan was due home Kenny had worked out what ghosts do, or at least what children dressed in some sort of bedding do, so he began running around the living room and kitchen shouting Boo! Until I caught him and stood him by the door telling him to be quiet and watching as he scared the shit out of Ryan once he walked in
“F-f- Kenny” he said making me laugh, laugh quite a bit, to the point of tears. “Why is he wearing a pillow case?” Ryan asked once he’d re-caught his breath and my laughter had died down.
“Because Ryan he’s obviously a ghost” I said and he looked at me not very amused until he smiled making me smirk back “he wanted a costume, so I made shift one”


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