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I think today…

2016-01-12 15.31.37

I discovered I was older than Young Adult fiction. Now, this didn’t come as a BIG surprise, I mean, I AM 20, but, it sort of struck me. Whilst reading the blurbs of a few of the books in the YA section, I didn’t feel as riveted as I once would, of course, I’ve already read a fair few of the books available, and I was pleased to see LGBT YA fiction making their way onto the shelves.

But, something definitely stopped me from being a book today. It’s an odd sort of transition, as a few of my favourite authors write YA, hell, I’m writing an YA book now, but I’m looking for something older, something more relatable.

Now, this isn’t going to become another post about how necessary New Adult fiction is, as I know, I’ve wrote quite a few of them, but, really, I think that is the level of reading I currently am.

Of course, I must state, if I were to see an Asexual YA book for sale, I would jump on it, also if an YA books blurb blew me away, again, I’d buy it, but, I genuinely think, that I’ve outgrown YA.


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