Teaching Techniques – The Real Story Safe Sex Story!

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Teaching Techniques by R.J. Seeley

I’ve gotten into a habit of not listening in the teacher meetings, it’s usually the same thing over and over, there was a coloured lace on such a student’s shoe, sort it we need all black shoes or someone’s planner was torn apart and littered all over the field that is unacceptable, it’s never anything that actually needs my opinion and if it does it usually doesn’t get it.
“And Year Eleven’s PHSE will be Sex Education” Ms Adams, the headmistress, said then gave a sharp look to all the Year Eleven teachers – that included me,
“How are you dividing the classes?” I asked, I’d actually listened to that statement and decided to get involved, it happens once in a while, people should cherish it.
“Male and female, William” She replied
“What about by sexuality?” I asked knowing off the top of my head there was at least five boys who’ve come out as gay in my form class alone.
“We can’t do that” she replied shaking her head at me as if I’d said the most offensive thing on this earth
“Why not?” I queried whilst also looking around the room. Mr (Phillip) Tedford, the only other male Year Eleven teacher was looking back at me curiously, probably trying to work out if he had any kids in his class who’d recently come out or he had an inkling about. Mrs (Louise) Baxter, the English teacher and Year Nine form tutor was smiling at me, she agreed with me, she always agrees with me. Mr (John) Sprouse, the new music teacher and good friend of mine was smirking at me, nodding slightly so I nodded back.
“Because that’s not right” she replied, was that really the best she had.
“Why isn’t it?” I asked sitting up properly and putting my pen down that I was currently holding but not using – I hadn’t taken any notes yet.
“Because it’s wrong to generalize students by their sexuality”
“I also think it’s wrong that you would willing send students who identify themselves as gay into a Sex Education class that is so straight it’s unbelievable. I’ve attended many and I’ve also taught a few and not one of them has taught me anything I needed to know” I said and the room was silent, every person in the room looking at Ms Adams waiting for her response.
“Will?” Phillip said so I looked at him and nodded “What do you suggest happens?” he asked and he stumped me, I hadn’t thought that far.
“I’ll do it” I said then looked around everyone in the room seeing curious expressions “It’s no secret that I’m gay, right?” I asked and everyone agreed that was the worst kept secret at Kingsbury High School. “And I believe my whole form class know I’m gay also” I added then looked at Mr Sprouse who nodded, clarifying it for me. “So I’ll run a class. I’ll run it for the gay boys in Year Eleven, or at least the out gay boys in Year Eleven, because of course I can’t teach the girls, I know swat about girls, lesbian or straight, I know nothing, but I know everything about being gay and safe gay sex, so I’ll teach it” I said then challenged everyone with the look I gave them
“You’ll teach it?” Ms Adams repeated so I nodded
“Should we take a vote?” Mr (Bradley) Lewis, French teacher and openly bisexual, asked
“A vote?” John repeated and Bradley nodded
“Obviously Ms Adams can’t come to answer on her own” He said “Personally, I think it’s a brilliant idea and if it goes well I think it should be a thing” He said and I grinned at him
“I agree, I think it’s a great idea and you always say we’re the school of the future” Louise said “So why don’t we do something that shows that we’re moving with the times” she finished so I looked at John
“I’m for it” he said nodding, I looked at Phillip
“Considering I can think of a few boys who’d benefit from it in my form class. I’m for it” he said making me grin and it continued the Maths teachers, the Science teachers, the teaching assistants, people I hadn’t even bumped into in my career at this school but everyone was for it and if they were not they were not speaking up about it.
“You need at least five students to run a class” Ms Adams said so I looked at Mr Tedford “How many do you think in your class?” I asked and he hummed “Two, definitely out” he said nodding “And there’s five, maybe six in my class, that’s eight” I replied and she sighed slightly, “Ms Adams” Bradley said so she looked at him
“I’ll take the other male class, Phillip will do his class and I’ll do the class Will was going to, so you’re not a staff member short” He said then he looked at me so I nodded to him
“It’s on your head William” she said so I nodded
“Happily” I replied and I don’t think she liked that reply.
“Okay, that’s all” she said and everyone began packing up, it’d already been an hour after the school day had officially ended.
“Thank you” I said the moment I caught up with Bradley
“Anytime, I don’t mind teaching sex ed, it doesn’t bother me too much and I know the Year Elevens well, so” he said then shrugged
“Well I was going to ask you to help” I said and he laughed
“God no, I’m not a good example” he said laughing
“You’ll find someone. But I’m the worst person ever to talk about safe sex” he said then shrugged
“You’ll do fine” he said although he didn’t fill me with too much confidence.


I was greeted home, like every day by my wonderful three year old son who’d beaten his daddy to the door as I began to unlock it, although today my three year old was in his pyjamas because obviously I was later than I was supposed to be but I’d made it before bedtime.
“I’m sorry I’m so late” I told my husband, Bailey.
“It’s fine, how did the meeting go?” he asked as I picked our three year old, Tyler up.
“Well. I’ve put my foot in it”
“Of course you have” he replied making me laugh
“What have you done this time?” he asked as I followed him into the kitchen where he continued to prepare Tyler’s sippy cup.
“We’re doing the PHSE class” I said and he nodded slowly then looked at me “Personal, Social and Health Education” I said and he laughed
“I know what PHSE is” he replied
“What’s the subject?”
“Sex” I replied so he nodded
“What did you do?” he asked as he passed Tyler the sippy cup
“I suggested that teaching a Sex Education class of the homosexual agenda may be the way forward” I said and he smiled “So I said I’d teach it”
“By yourself?” he asked so I nodded
“Well the only other teacher who’s, well he’s bi, said he’d take over my original class, so I can’t ask him and I don’t think there’s any other male members of staff who are gay or bi”
“Billy” he said so I looked at him “I’m a supply teacher” he said and I nodded
“I know, but” I began then looked at him “You’re a supply teacher” I said
“And have been hired by Kingsbury a few times”
“And have been hired by Kingsbury a few times” I repeated and he laughed
“Would you like me to help?” he asked so I nodded, nodded quickly
“Yes, yes I would” I said then hit his chest lightly “The class is about two hours long” I said and he nodded slowly
“What day?”
“Next Friday”
“He’s in playgroup” he said whilst taking Tyler’s free hand and holding it “But only from twelve” he added so I nodded
“That’s fine, the class starts at one” I replied so he nodded
“I’ll get there when I can, you start without me” he said then grinned at me
“I knew I married you for a reason” I said making him laugh
“I thought that reason was that you loved me”
“It was a contributing factor” I replied then pulled him forward and kissed him.
“I’ll put him to bed, then I’ll start this bloody lesson plan” I said and he just laughed
“What about your other lessons?”
“They’ve been planned since Sunday night” I said nodding to him then removing Tyler’s sippy cup from him and passing it back to Bailey who took it and kissed Tyler’s head then went to wash his cup as I took Tyler to bed.

In review the thought of the class was easy, I could handle it but when I began to break it down it got more complicated, these boys were fifteen, sixteen there’s something’s you shouldn’t bring up but the point of the class was to educate them, but finding what to talk about, working out what they needed to know was difficult, I know the things I wanted to know when I was sixteen wouldn’t be too far off what they wanted to but times have changed.

I remember my first time. I was nineteen and it was with Bailey. He’d done it before, he knew exactly what to do, he was educated in the matter, I was none the wiser. I remember feeling scared, very scared but I had so much trust in him, I listened to him and I took everything he said into consideration. He didn’t rush me, he talked softly to me, not patronizing at all, just softly.


“Remember we don’t have to do it” Bailey said again making me laugh a little.
“I know, I want to” I replied and he nodded
“I promise, I want to” I said so he nodded and knelt up which I copied, he then pulled his jumper up over his head so I did the same to my t-shirt, struggling a little because it got stuck going over my head but he didn’t care, he just laughed softly and the moment it was off he kissed me, relaxing me almost instantly, we’d seen each other topless and bottomless before. We’d been slowly getting used to seeing each other naked, we’d been touching each other, fooling around for a few months and we were comfortable with each other, we come to the decision to have sex together. Our flatmate was out with our group of friends, no-one was due back and no-one would interrupt us, we could take as long as we liked and we were going to. We didn’t go for the pants straight away, we kept our hands above the waist and we kissed for a while and once we were confident enough we reached for each other’s belts and undone them together, removing our pants and staying in our boxers until he reached for his jacket which he’d hung off the bed knob, he first revealed a little brightly coloured foil packet then a squeeze-y bottle, looking at me and taking his own deep breath.
“Are you ready?” he asked so I nodded slowly then looked at him
“Bailey” I said and he nodded “I love you” I said and I instantly saw him relax
“I love you too” he replied and kissed me, putting his hand on my back and lowering me down until he could rest his knees either side of my hips and he just looked at me, I watched as his eyes looked all down me, then zoomed back up and looked directly at me making me grin a little shyly “I can assure you, I like what I see” he said nodding although it made me just that little bit shyer “Are you ready to?” he asked so I nodded slipping my hands underneath my waistband and waiting until he was in the same position and we removed them together and both took a moment just admiring each other, well I was admiring him, I’m not too sure what he was doing to my crotch area. He picked up the brightly coloured foil packet, holding it up to me so I nodded and he ripped the packaging and pulled out the contents, all I could think as I looked at the piece of latex he was holding was that’ll never fit, it was tiny, there was no-way I could see that fitting my thumb never mind Bailey’s quite impressive erection but somehow he made it fit and even though I was watching quite intrigued I couldn’t work out how he did it. “I’m going to” he said then took a deep breath “I’m going to prepare you”
“Prepare me?” I replied and he nodded “
With my fingers, yeah” he said so I nodded again as he opened the squeeze-y bottle and squirted some of the clear gel onto his first three fingers, rubbing his thumb against his fingers then changing how he was knelt over me, he lightly stroked his finger against my entrance letting me get used to the feeling as he held onto my hand with his free hand. He squeezed my hand lightly as he pushed his finger into me, feeling me tense and whispering things to me so I’d relax, they worked to an extent but I still couldn’t completely relax, although it got easier as he added his second and third fingers, it got easier but I was still a little tense. All that tenseness was gone the moment he entered me however, the feeling was taken over with so much more. I didn’t know completely what it was, but I liked it. I really liked it.

I looked down at Bailey, he was fast asleep, I was still sat tapping my notepad and it was well past one am but I hadn’t got much further with what I wanted to but I needed to go to sleep, I had to be up at half six to make sure Tyler was feed and happy before I went to work and to get in before any of the stupidly early Year Sevens. So I put my notepad down, put the lid on my pen, turned out the lamp on my side of the bed and moved to lie down, lightly kissing Bailey, carefully so I wouldn’t wake him up and trying to get some sleep.

“Mr Callum Jones” I said once I’d completed my form register and my form class had settled down.
“Yes Mr Elliot” he replied so I beckoned him to me, Callum was the student that knows everyone, literally everyone in this school knows Callum Jones. He sat on the edge of the table opposite my desk, which was just far enough away so that only he could hear what I was going to say to him.
“You have a PHSE class next week” I said so Callum nodded curiously
“We’re covering Sex Education” I added and he smirked slightly but continued to nod. “Callum, I’m running a gay Sex Education” I said and he actually smiled
“Thank god” he said making me laugh, “Seriously, sir if I had to sit through another lesson about pregnancy and giving birth, I’ll vomit” he said nodding
“Callum, I need you to find all the openly gay boys” I said and he laughed
“I can name about six people who are sat behind me”
“So can I” I said nodding “But I’m not allowed to go to a student and say I think you’re gay come to my lesson”
“So you’re asking me to do it?”
“Yep” I said so he nodded as I printed off a blank register sheet. “Only Year Eleven students” I said so he nodded
“And only people who are out, don’t be forcing anyone out the closet”
“Never” He replied shaking his head “Part of the Gay Brigade solemnly swear, don’t out someone” he replied making me smile
“Three o’clock, I need this by three, okay?” I said so he nodded whilst taking a pen out my stationary holder then going back to his table, beginning his task.

I had my register sheet returned to me before last period. Callum came to my class to give me it before he went to his last lesson.
“These are all the boys?”
“They are all the boys who are willing” he replied
“Mostly from your class and Mr Tedford’s, rest of the boys in the year are straight” he said laughing
“I think you just so happened to get us all in your class”
“So it seems” I said looking over the list
“Thank you Callum” I said so he nodded
“Anytime Mr Elliot” he replied making me smile
“Go on, get to lesson” I said and he went to “Return my pen Jones” I added and he laughed
“Aw but sir”
“Return it and go to the ninety-nine pence shop and buy a packet” I said as he went into his blazer and put my pen back in the pot then left going to his last lesson as I sent an email to Ms Adams.

* * *

“I’ll be at the school at half one at the latest” Bailey said as I began putting various things into my briefcase. “Then after I’ve gone through the visitors forms and pass, I’ll be at your classroom”
“I’ll see you at two” I replied making him laugh but nod all the same. “With the stuff” I said raising my eyebrows at him
“Yes, with the stuff, I’m going to take Tyler on a trip to go and get them this morning” he said making me laugh
“Oh our poor baby” I said then kissed Tyler’s head which woke him up slightly since he was falling back asleep on Bailey’s shoulder. “I’ll see you later” I said making Bailey smile then kiss me
“Have fun” he said so I nodded whilst picking up my briefcase then making my way to school.
I had eight boys on my register list, six of who were in my class, so the moment I evacuated my form class to go to their PHSE class I set my six to work.
“Right, we’re rearranging the desks” I said and got some wonderful looks of curiousness back.
“What to sir?” Callum asked so I shrugged which made him laugh
“When you guys go into a classroom” I said and they all looked at me “How do you like the desks?” I asked and got some frowns, this might take a while.
“All together” Callum replied so I looked at him “So everyone’s around one table, well, everyone’s around a few tables it makes it easier to talk” he said and seemed to get a general agreement so we rearranged the tables in that way and whilst we were doing so our two other members came in. We all took a seat after shutting the door and I let them talk for a few minutes until I called silence and told them to say their names. Around the table we had Cory Michaels and Nathan Smith, Kingsbury’s first openly gay couple, they’ve been together since they were fourteen, Cory had moved from America and Nathan had moved from Wales, they came to Kingsbury within two weeks of each other and were an official couple by the end of their first year. Callum, Ryan Mitchell and Darren Jones, they call themselves the Gay Brigade, all have been friends since they were in Primary School, all are openly gay and the whole school knows that and they’re all equally as proud of it. Noah Logan, moved from Essex in Year Nine after homophobic bullying at previous schools, he makes a statement of his sexuality and isn’t ashamed to tell people about it. And Jason Baker and Jacob McKenna, childhood best friends and I think boyfriends but I’m not entirely sure. Jason is very flamboyant and it contrasts allot with his straight twin brother but it doesn’t faze him and he is only ever true to himself, Jacob is more masculine, he’s shy and is very much connected to Jason, they do everything together.
“Okay does everyone know each other?” I asked and there was a general nod, not a too sure one but a nod of I know of these people. “Does everyone know me?” I asked and they all laughed, which meant yes, I taught every boy around this table as it happened. “And just to make sure, because you know I’ve got to” I said so they all looked at me curiously “Are you all gay?” I asked and they all nodded “Can you confirm that for me?”
“I can prove it if you want” Nathan said so I shook my head
“I believe you” I said and he smiled slightly. “Okay, first thing I must ask for you to keep everything we say in here between us, if anything personal comes up it doesn’t leave this room. Of course the things you learn I want you to take out this room” I said and they all instantly agreed “And honestly guys, I have no lesson plan” I said and there was a curious hum “I want to know what you want to know about” I said and they looked at each other “Of course, I have a few things planned, a few necessary things but I’m not going to tell you what they are because I want to know if you think they’re important” I said looking around the eight of them “My partner will be here in about an hour, he is, was a teacher now he’s a sub, but he’s agreed to help me with the more delicate things” I said and there was another curious hum “Guys you’re going to need to talk to me” I said and they laughed “What do you want to learn about?” I asked and looked at Nathan because he’d sat next to me
“Sex” he said
“You’re going to have to generalize”
“I can’t, I don’t know anything, if I had enough balls I’d research it but I’m even too scared to do that”
“So everything. Like how to do it, correctly?” I asked and he nodded, so I did
“HIV” he replied and I instantly raised my eyebrows at him “It’s a bit up in the air, I was just wondering if you could bring it back down” he said making me smile slightly but nod.
“Right, I can try” I said so he nodded and looked to his right
“Marriage and adoption” Ryan said so I looked at him “I know this is supposed to be about sex but isn’t sex about being in a relationship as well” he said so I nodded
“Very true Ryan” I said and he looked to his right
“Condoms” Darren said
“How to put them on?”
“Yes, exactly, please teach me how to do that” he said making me laugh
“I will” I said nodding as he looked at Callum who hummed slightly
“Relationships” he said so I nodded slightly “I mean, obviously I know boyfriend, boyfriend but just”
“Yeah, I get you” I said so he nodded and looked to his right
“How to deal with liking someone who’s straight” Noah said and got a general agreement from the table so I nodded as he looked to his right
“It’s kind of being covered” Jacob said making me smile
“Yeah, I thought it might have been, Jason?” I asked and he shrugged
“Generally been covered” he said so I nodded looking down the list.
“Okay” I said then looked around them
“Should we start with relationships?” I asked and they all agreed. “I know Nathan and Cory are in one, are any of you?” I asked and Jason and Jacob looked at each other but didn’t say anything and the rest of them didn’t stir “Okay, well a relationship, a gay relationship isn’t too different from a straight relationship. Honestly”
“I get that” Callum said so I looked at him
“Honestly, alright you two” he said and both Cory and Nathan looked at him “Do you do everything the same as your straight friends?”
“Well no” Nathan said so Callum asked to continue “There’s things they do that we don’t or won’t, but there’s also things like we’ll happily sit and play games on the PlayStation”
“But that’s personal preference not gender” Jacob replied and Nathan nodded
“Yeah, so no, straight and gay a boyfriends a boyfriend” he replied
“I couldn’t have put it better myself” I said making Nathan grin.
“Noah” I said and he sighed slightly
“You get where I’m coming from right?” He asked so I nodded
“I had a humongous crush on my very, very straight friend when I was younger”
“How did you deal with it?” Noah asked making me laugh
“I didn’t” I said “I didn’t have anything to do about it because nothing needed to be done, everyone knew that boy was straight from the day he came out the womb, I knew telling him that I had a crush on him would be like telling a rock to move” I said and Noah sighed “Noah, it hurts, really it does, boys?” I said and there was a collective sigh
“It’s strange” Ryan said so Noah looked at him “It’s one of those feelings that you have were you sort of go, I know I shouldn’t like them but it makes you like them more”
“Oh it’s shit” Callum said and we all looked at him as he covered his mouth “Sorry”
“I agree with the statement” I said making him laugh “It’s just like you know you’ll never get any feeling back and that’s horrible”
“Although some straight boys can be mean” Cory said so we frowned at him “Before I moved here, a straight guy found out I liked him and he lead me on, lead me on until he knew I had stronger feelings for him and he just said he was straight and it hurt me, it really hurt me, I knew he was straight which was the worst thing” he said and he got my sympathy he really did.
“Noah, as you grow up, you work out how to deal with it and you usually find someone, someone who’s gay or bisexual and you fall in love with them and it’s a perfect little world” I said making them all laugh “No honestly it is”
“It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s that alright we struck lucky that there’s eight of us in the year who’s out but trying to find a gay guy in a sea of men is like looking for a needle in a haystack” Noah said
“Sometimes” Jason replied making him laugh
“It depends which haystack you’re looking in” he added
“What do you want to know about marriage Ryan?”
“It’s legal, right?” he said and everyone nodded “And adoption?”
“It’s legal but it’s still frowned upon” I said and he sighed “Ryan, the way the worlds going by the time you’re old enough to adopt, it’ll be much easier”
“Do you think so?” He asked so I nodded
“I adopted three years ago” I said and he nodded intrigued “We got rejected a few times, but we had a little bit of a problem because my husbands called Bailey and people instantly thought he was a woman so we kept getting accepted then they’d meet us and reject us”
“But you got a baby?” Darren asked and I nodded
“We got our baby when he was one. Because we met someone who helped us and she pushed through our adoption”
“It works like that?” Darren asked
“It can, we were going to the wrong companies, when we met our lovely woman she pointed us in the right direction and helped us adopt Tyler”
“When did you get married sir?” Nathan asked so I looked at him
“Two thousand and ten” I replied and got a frown “We had a civil partnership” I said and they ahed slightly
“Are you going to get officially married?” Darren asked so I shrugged
“I’m not sure”
“But shouldn’t you?” Ryan asked so I looked at him
“I don’t know, it just seems like the thing to do”
“Bailey and I love each other and we have done for seven years, we’ve got a civil partnership and a baby” I said then thought “Toddler.” I said making them laugh “We might, but Bailey and I haven’t talked about it, it just hasn’t come up”
“When did you meet?” Cory asked making me laugh
“When we were eighteen” I replied and got a communal aww. “We went to University together, we were flat mates”
“And you got together?” Noah asked
“A year later” I said and the aw continued.
“Have you ever been with anyone else?” Jacob asked so I shook my head
“I’ve only ever been with Bailey”
“That is adorable”
“Please do not begin thinking that I’m adorable, I have to teach you remember” I said making him laugh as the door opened and Bailey appeared carrying a backpack. “Ah is Tyler dropped off?”
“Not without kicking and screaming” he replied closing the door and coming and sitting beside me
“No, he loves playgroup” he said whilst taking the backpack off
“Boys” I said so they all looked at me “My husband Bailey” I said and they all waved “My husband Bailey. Nathan, Cory, Ryan, Darren, Callum, Noah, Jacob, Jason” I said and Bailey nodded and waved back. “Have you brought the stuff?”
“I have brought the stuff, you should’ve seen the look I got from the cashier”
“I can imagine” I said laughing then looked around the table “Sex, condoms or HIV?” I asked and they all looked at each other
“Don’t sex and condoms fall under the same category” Jason asked so I nodded
“Okay, Bailey” I said and he went into the backpack, getting out a plastic bag “Be mature boys” I said and they all looked at me curiously “This was the only way I could think of showing you this, so I want you to be mature about it” I said and Bailey revealed the eight anatomy correct penises passing them around the table and getting a few giggles but not childish just nervous, this was followed by condoms. “You can keep two of the condoms” I said and they looked at me “And we’ll use one” I added as they all put two into their blazer pockets leaving one on the table in front of them. “Do any of you know how to put a condom on?” I asked curiously and there as allot of mumbles “I’m just asking” I said and there was some shy shaking of the heads
“I like to think I know how to put one on” Cory said
“Why?” Bailey asked and Cory shrugged
“It’s impressive – he thinks it’s impressive” he said pointing at Nathan and making Nathan laugh
“Okay, I want you all to open the condom and put it on the penis without me telling you how” I said and watched as they attempted to. “Well congratulations Cory you do know how to put one on” I said and he laughed
“Why thank you” he said making me smile then looked at Nathan
“Can I borrow your penis?” I asked and he nodded so I took it. “If the condom has rolled back up, the condom is inside out” I said and they all looked at theirs and ahed slightly since all of theirs minus Cory’s had done so. “If you put the condom on inside out, you get a new one you don’t use the same one” I said so they all nodded as I rolled the condom off and took one off Bailey. “Okay, a condom” I said and tried to open the one Bailey had given me but it was very difficult to do so. “Well usually they’re easy to open” I said whilst passing it to Bailey to open although he also struggled until he bit the top and tore down the side “Side note” I said and they all nodded “In a heated situation that is hot” I said making them all laugh as Bailey gave me it back. “To make sure a condoms the right way and believe me I know this’ll be the very last thing on your mind, but if you blow a condom it’ll show which is the right way around, then you hold the tip, well you hold the tip against the tip and you roll it down, until you get to the base” I said and they all nodded after watching intrigued
“And it doesn’t matter if you’re a bottom or a top, you’ll have to know how to put a condom on” Bailey said so I looked at him whilst nodding “And if you’re a bottom, it can be a really intimidate thing to put a condom on your lover”
“See being safe can be sexy” I said making them laugh as I put eight condoms in the centre of the table “Try it again” I said and watched as they did so, there was a better success rate this time. “As time goes on, you’ll learn how to do it” I said mostly to Nathan who was looking rather sadly at his condom that’d rolled back up.
“Have you discussed the actual act of sex yet?” Bailey asked so I shook my head
“About to now” I replied making him smile as he recollected the various penises. “Do any of you know anything about gay sex?” I queried
“Only what’s shown on porn” Callum replied and I admired the fact he told the truth.
“It’s not really like porn” Bailey said “To do it you need two things” he said so they all nodded
“One is condoms” I said “And the other is lube” I added as Bailey got a lube bottle out his backpack and put it on the table.
“Lube is quite important because essentially you’re trying to put a cucumber into something the size of a grape” Bailey said so I looked at him “Speaking from experience” he added making me laugh slightly “Lube will make entry much easier and much slicker” he said so they all nodded “But you can’t just go straight in” he added and I let him continue, if anything he had more experience in the entering area than I did. “You have to prepare whoever you’re having sex with before”
“And how do you prepare?” Jason asked so Bailey looked at him, me then went with the only way he could explain it and that was by putting three fingers up.
“You prepare with your fingers, you should try and at least use as many fingers that equal your…” he began then looked at me for the right word
“Girth” I said suggested and Bailey nodded.
“Or at least use as many fingers then one more just to make sure, it’s so it hurts less, which, well?” he began then looked at me “The first time always hurts, but that happens with straight sex to, or so my friends say. But if you’re prepared beforehand you get used to the feeling before the actual sex takes place” I said and there was a slight nod.
“If you use a lubricated condom then use lube your life will be much easier” I said and got a slight smile back as Bailey opened his bag again.
“That goes nicely into HIV” he said then frowned at the sentence, but put the holder with eight test tubes in the middle of the table. “When Will – Mr Elliot” he said quickly making me laugh slightly “When Mr Elliot said he wanted to talk to you about HIV it stumped me as much as it stumped him on how to do it, until I remembered a science experiment from when I was in school. There are eight test tubes” he said so they all nodded “One of those test tubes has a chemical in it, that chemical is representing HIV” he explained and there was another nod “All the rest of the test tubes just have water. We don’t know which test tube has the chemical in it, I seriously cannot remember” he said as he got another chemical out “But when you add this to the water and chemical combination the test tube will turn pink” he said and got a intrigued mumble. “I want you all to take a test tube” he said and they did so “And pour about a drop of your test tube into as many people’s as you can – you doing that is like having unprotected sex with the person” he said “So go on, I’ll tell you when to stop” he said and they did so and he let them do so for about a minute before he told them to stop. “Okay, let’s see” he said then stood and added the third chemical to all their test tubes turning six out of eight of them pink. “That’s how easy HIV can spread when you have unprotected sex” he said and I think scared the entire room.
“It really does just take one time without a condom to catch it, which is scary yes, but if you take precautions you should be okay” I said
“But if you ever get scared” Bailey said then looked at me “HIV tests are free to anyone, so you can always go and get yourself checked, but you’ve got remember it takes two weeks for the virus to become apparent in the blood stream.” He said and they all nodded to him.
“Can you go and get checked anyway?” Nathan asked and Bailey nodded
“If you ever scared you can go and get one done – if you plan to have unprotected sex with a long term partner you can both go and get tested together before you do it so you’re both aware of any risks there might be” He said
“Is it a little clearer?” I asked Cory and he nodded slowly whilst looking at his pink test tube “How do you catch it?” He asked
“By infected semen or blood getting into your blood stream”
“How do you get semen in your blood stream?” Noah asked frowning at me
“If you do head – oral sex” I said “And have cuts in your mouth, like when you’ve bit your cheek or cut your gum it can get into your blood stream through that or can if you have sex” I said and Noah nodded slightly
“Does it spread through spit and stuff?” Jacob asked
“What’s stuff?” I asked and Jacob shrugged
“Like pee or I don’t know a sneeze”
“No” I said shaking my head at him “It’s only blood, semen, pre-cum and breast milk – although breast milk doesn’t really effect you” I said and they laughed quietly but they all nodded.
“Do you feel educated?” I asked and they all nodded whilst putting the test tubes back in the holder.
“I feel more confident about it” Jason said nodding so I did
“Yeah, there’s less worrying going on” Ryan said making me smile
“Good” I said nodding as Bailey did then got the feedback forms out his bag
“Now, I know these are pains but for me to be able to do this again, we have to prove it was successful so if you wouldn’t mind filling it out” I said as they passed the papers around and all filled it out then put them back in the centre of the table when they were done just as the end of day bell rang. “If you guys ever want to talk I have the lesson after dinner free every day, I’ll always happily listen and be there for advice” I said so they all nodded as they stood and got their bags “See you tomorrow” I added and got a chorus of byes back as they pushed in the chairs and made their way out whilst Bailey reached for the feedback sheets and I rearranged the desks.
“All positive” Bailey said so I looked at him “Every feedback says brilliant and that they benefited” he said grinning at me as I went over to look for myself, reading over them and smiling.
“Brilliant” I said nodding to him then kissed him lightly “Thanks for your help”
“Any time” he said nodding as he put the test tubes in his bag
“Will you accompany me to the headmistresses’ office?” I requested putting my arm out to him
“I’d be thrilled to” he replied linking my arm and walking with me down to Ms Adams office.

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