Midnight Crisis 

Just casually having a midnight crisis and reviewing technically where I’m going here. 

As I am in that awkward point of life where I’m leaving all forms of education (I didn’t go to Univeristy shock horror) and am looking into the world,of employment I seem to have hit an ice berg. It would appear I am too old to get support within education but too young to be considered experienced enough to be hired in my field, (YAY!). So I’m beginning to look at my options, which are;

  • Have a nose at Open University, see if anything inparticular jumps out at me, 
  • Take a Gap Year (RISKY and probably will not be accepted happily by the parentals.)
  • Become a Butlins Redcoat. Probably easier said than done. 
  • Apply for a mainstream job which I hate and spend time doing something I don’t really want to go but doing it because there’s some sort of payment involved. 
  • Take a few trips, writing trips, other kind of trips, explore new places. 
  • Beg my placement for a job.


(I shouldn’t be allowed to blog at night) 

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  1. If you’re still undecided on a route (as I see you posted this a little while back) I’d just like to say I personally took a gap year and it was the best decision I’ve made to date. I did work for a little while at a minimum wage part time job, just to make some extra cash, but the year gave me a lot of time to work out where I really wanted to go with my life, and gave me the peace and quiet for the right headspace to do such a thing. Also, since you enjoy writing so much you could get a lot of it done (that’s what I did), but it’s all up to you. Hope my little piece of insight helped you in some way if you’re still dwelling on those midnight thoughts!

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