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I am definitely an ally of all members of the LGBTQA+ community, and have a mission to write about all combinations of sexualities and genders. 

So, here is a paragraph from my new book Rainbow Connection, this is from the mini story T* about Kieran and Riley. 
I’ve known Riley since I was in school, I may have been fourteen when we met, he had just moved to our sixth form, he was sixteen, almost seventeen, and had been forced to come to my class and tell us all about sixth form. That was the first time I met him, really, but, we both agree the actual first time I met him, I was fifteen, he was seventeen and we were at a party. I was trying to work out how much beer I could get away with drinking, and he’d surpassed my limit, we simply spoke to each other, I knew of him, there were many whispers around school of him, most of them intrigued me rather than scared me, and he definitely left an impression on me – from that day on, I knew I was going to go to our sixth form. We did actually become friends, but, at the time I was a fifteen year old girl. He sometimes was very conscious of that fact and kept our friendship reasonable at all times, when I turned sixteen and he was still seventeen he asked me out. I said yes. We’ve been together ever since, with no short term breaks, with no little tiffs, we’ve been together since that day when I was sixteen. I was going through a lot at that point in time, I mean, sure, I was going through all the cliché sixteen year old exam drama, but, I was also questioning a lot, and trying to figure a lot out, that summer was when I went on the pill, to stop my periods, I started to dress in bagger clothes and got my hair cut really short, I stopped shaving my legs almost in a protest and Riley was there for it all, near the end of the summer he had come over to my house, we’d been playing video games most of the day, but he told me he had something he wanted to talk to me about, he told me that he thought I was like him, he had been thinking it for a while, and had finally decided to bring it up. He explained it all too me, that afternoon in my living room, he explained who he was, he explained what dystopia was, he explained about the surgeries, the hormones, he told me everything, the next month I began identifying as a he, and requested others did so also, I started in sixth form as a male, and changed my name to Kieran, with help from Riley and a baby name website. Coming out to my parents was harder, but, Riley helped, Riley helped a lot. When I tell people how I figured it out, a lot of people question me, they state that I think I’m only this way because Riley is, and when we break up – which were so not going to do – I’ll go back to identifying as a girl, I know I won’t, I know that I am a boy called Kieran, and I know that because of many many things. 


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Casey Inspiration

new cover

So, the rewrite of Casey is well underway, and if I say so myself, going quite well. This time we’re doing things differently.

First BIG change is the story will be told by Casey’s PoV instead of his boyfriend Mickey’s, that in itself has caused many alterations and research! I am excited by this change, as I love making Casey more 3D then he originally was, it’s interesting to see his family, his therapist, his T injections, everything that happens in the shadows and out of Mickey’s eye (well, sometimes at least).

I’ll add some background to Casey’s character; he is 18 and 5 months old, 4 months ago he was given the confirmation for his bottom surgery (he is very excited about this), he has had to move house to get the surgery, so his whole family moved closer to the hospital, and changed both Casey’s and his little sister Abi’s schools.

You find out a lot of Casey’s story throughout the book, regarding his coming out and his journey, but, you also learn everything first hand, along with his new boyfriend Mickey.

There has been plenty of inspiration for this book. I decided to rewrite it about a month ago, after giving it a reread and feeling I hadn’t done this book the justice it deserved. One of the first people to give me the inspiration to rewrite this book was Jo Banks, a friend and fellow author, he is being so open about his transition on Facebook that it blew me away, and reading about everything, watching the videos and keeping up with his updates, was part of the catalyst that made me think Casey needed to be rewrote.

The second inspiration is a more recent inspiration, that my editor put me onto. Alex Bertie and Jake Edwards, both are YouTubers and both are FTM, I have been watching their videos religiously for almost the last week. They’re both so inspirational in so many ways, whilst also being inspirational in the writing sense, they’re filling me with material to write and I am excited for it all.

I recommend you check these guys out, all are inspirational, whilst all being brave enough to put their transitions online;

Jo Banks –
Alex Bertie –
Jake Edwards –
Alex + Jake –

I don’t think Casey would be going as well as it is without these guys helping me, without knowing they are, although it is likely one will read this, HI!

I would love to send all 3 of them a completed version of the book when it is released, of course, hoping it is good enough! So, I’ll keep you up-to-date on that!


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So, whilst redesigning covers and rewriting books, I thought something else of mine deserved a redesign.

website rj

I have redesigned my website –

My newly designed website (new colour and all) is focusing more on, Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover. Read the blurb before seeing the cover, and I’m quite excited by the concept.

Also, all my brand new covers are available online too, so take a look to find out about new releases!

Let me know what you think of my new website, by leaving a comment or leaving a like.


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The transition of Casey

So, another announcement for you guys!


So, upon review, this story is very, very short, and so shouldn’t be. So, I’m going to do a little rewrite, all of Mickey’s part will stay exactly the same, but, I will also be adding in Casey’s POV.

I may do it as a back-to-back story, rather than alternative PoV, Which may be better than swapping the view, so, stay tuned for more Casey news as it comes!


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The big GAY announcement


So, the big Gay Brigade Announcement.

By the end of 2016 the entire of the Gay Brigade series will be unpublished, BUT don’t fret, because it is also being rewrote.

From the very beginning, the Gay Brigade is being redone, new story-lines (I know, story-lines!), and cleaner covers, there also is going to be a fifth book. Gay Brigade: McKenzie and Dominic, the story of the Gay Brigade’s two straight children!

I’m excited about the prospect of the new Gay Brigade, and so far the writing is going brilliantly (if I say so myself).

So, keep an eye out for more Gay Brigade announcements and release dates!!


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All is Equal [Reviews]


All is Equal

5-stars for R J Seeley’s All is Equal

I have read many of R J Seeley’s stories. I enjoy their creativity and their ability to put interesting characters into unique situations. They crafts characters that are believable and enjoyable. Many are the type of individuals you would be happy to meet and feel comfortable with as friends.

As with many Indy writers, R J Seeley’s books could be better edited. Grammar and spelling police will delight in finding errors. For those of us who appreciate a good storyline, looking past the spelling and grammar issues will find a rewarding reading experience.

This story, like many of R.J Seeley’s books combines romance with characters that are like everyday people. The storyline is plausible and draws the reader into the center of it. I highly recommend readers take a serious look at this budding author who has overcome their own obstacles to pursue a dream. I admire their dedication to accomplishing their goal. –

4stars for R.J. Seeley
It was a very good book. Thaniel reminded me of myself. The plot twist was indeed twisty. Very well done. –

5 stars for R.J. Seeley
This is a very good offer from this young author. It has just enough twist to keep the reader interested. Keep up the good work! –

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